Cybersecurity Software Development Services

Encora’s suite of Cybersecurity Software Development Services can help companies of all sizes protect themselves from digital threats. A ransomware attack or a data leak can destroy an unprepared company. Cybercriminals are more likely to target smaller businesses, which may not have cybersecurity protocols in place unless they work with Encora. Encora knows how to customize a cybersecurity plan to protect an individual company best and has the technical skills and experience to implement that plan. Encora offers cybersecurity software development services that modern businesses can trust. 

Our Cybersecurity Software Services

1. Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)

Security is built into any product or application with ZTA. This method secures a company by removing any implicit trust built into its systems. ZTA is constantly validating each step of all digital interactions. ZTA protects organizations through solid authentication techniques, preventing lateral movements, taking advantage of network segmentation, offering Layer7 protection against threats, and making “least access” policies simple. 

2. User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA)

Companies can use analysis of their users’ behavior to create a framework for detecting security anomalies and malicious behavior, such as lateral movement and the use of compromised credentials. Insights into network events that users generate daily are collected and analyzed. UEBA protects against malicious users and threatening entities such as routers, applications, servers, and any other network device that could compromise security. 

3. Blockchain and Hashgraph

Blockchain, popularized by BitCoin and similar technology, Hashgraph, are excellent security tools used by Encora. These technologies fall under the umbrella of Distributed Ledger Technologies and are an essential tool in the world of cybersecurity. Blockchain uses cryptographic hashing, making it impossible for malware or malicious information to be present. Hashgraph uses asynchronous byzantine fault (ABF) tolerance, which prevents access to any malware or malicious presence. 

4. Data and application security

Companies can protect their applications and the networks they run on with data and application security from Encora. Application security works to find and fix bugs and other security vulnerabilities in the application itself. Its goal is to secure the application from attempts to hack its code or data. This protects any sensitive information on the application. Data security protects the network running an application and involves the actual hardware and software of the underlying infrastructure.

5. Storage and database security

Many companies have some type of external hardware, like data centers, that needs to be protected physically and digitally. A physical accident, such as a power outage, flood, or other damage, can block digital access to a server or center. Encora’s expert engineers can work with companies to secure their storage and databases from physical and digital threats. This level of expert security protects companies from data thefts and leaks. 

6. Monitoring and Log Analytics

Encora developers are experts at creating automated processes for security monitoring. This security protocol collects and analyzes possible security threats, arranging them in order of priority. Suspicious behaviors or unauthorized changes are detected automatically, freeing time and energy. A partner security technique is log analytics. This process analyzes computer-generated event logs to find risks like security threats or bugs before they become a problem. 

7. Privacy Enhancing Computation 

Encora engineers are well versed and experienced with privacy-enhancing computation like differential privacy, SMPH, and homomorphic encryption. These modern technologies allow Encora to provide the best in cybersecurity to its wide range of clients. 

Clients and Testimonials

Gary Beckenbaugh, CIO, Sagent

“Early in the relationship, the Encora team has differentiated itself from our other offshore vendors. Their responsiveness, focus on delivery, and strategic view has been impressive. We look forward to building on the momentum we have started.”

C.J. Volpone, Director, Product Engineering, Veracross

“Partnering with Encora allows our teams to expand capacity while retaining the operating principles critical to our success. Encora provides engineers with deep technical skills that are committed to our work. Their professionalism, talent, and service orientation are world-class.”

Pejman Makhfi, CTO, Credit Sesame

“Selecting Encora as our nearshore partner many years ago has proven to be the right decision. They have helped us scale our software development capacity, have shown professionalism, and executive commitment to our company engineering initiatives.”

Why Choose Encora for Cybersecurity Software Development

Encora’s experience as a world-class leader in Cybersecurity Software Development gives them the skills and perspective needed to create superb Cybersecurity Software Development. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving as new threats come into play. Companies large and small can take advantage of Encora’s skill and expertise in cybersecurity to create foolproof backup strategies, secure cloud environments, custom applications, or a general cybersecurity plan. Encora has partnered with 28 Fortune 1000 clients, and with over 40 offices in 14 countries, they are well situated to assist any modern company with its cybersecurity needs. Reach out to Encora today with questions about their Cybersecurity Software Development Services or to get started. 

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