Gamification: The Road to an Engaging User Experience

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Amit Marathe

Amit has over 14 years of experience in design, during that he played multiple roles, including product designer, leader, and evangelist at different stages of his career. Currently, He works closely with senior team members to enhance Encora’s UX practice by contributing to areas such as UX Business, UX Operations, and UX Skillsets. Additionally, he contributes to Encora’s growth by preparing the next level of leadership.

When designing products or services, designers strive to create the ideal experience for end users by following a well-defined UX process. However, a good experience does not automatically equate to an engaging experience. For instance, designers need to consider whether users are willing to use the product or service in the first place, and if the intended experience is truly motivating. This session delves into gamification as a potential solution for creating delightful experiences in the products and services you develop.


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