The Impact of Mobile Optimization

In today’s age, everyone is glued to their phones. It has changed life as we know it, and has greatly impacted the way people shop. Consumers now rely on their mobile devices to make their purchases from anywhere, at any time. They also expect their shopping experiences on their mobile devices to be very simple, quick, and convenient. If not, consumers lose interest and abandon the websites, resulting in no sales for the companies.


Studies have shown that 30% of consumers will abandon a checkout cart if the site is not optimized for mobile devices. Similarly, desktop websites in mobile browsers only result in bounce rates, because it becomes difficult for the visitor to click on parts of the website and even see the information on it. This is why mobile optimization is vital. It provides a mobile site with better functionality and consistency, drawing in more consumers, and increasing conversions.


A great example of the positive, profitable effects mobile optimization can have on a company is the work Söoryen Technologies did for one of the largest direct merchants of online novelties. This company was faced with the challenge of its mobile site not being up to date with the modern look or expectations consumers are attracted to. In an effort to retain current customers and gain new ones, Söoryen optimized the company’s mobile site  over the course of 45 days.


Söoryen’s team was able to enhance the site with an updated user interface design and improved user experience through Moovweb integration. Google Wallet was also added to the site, providing consumers with a quicker payment method. These changes made the mobile site more stable and flexible enough to be further improved when necessary, in the future.


Six months after Söoryen implemented the new platform, the company experienced significant results. It’s conversion increased by 73%, along with a 13% increase in average order value, 13% decrease in bounce rate, and a 25% increase in pageviews. Consumers began to visit the mobile site and go through its pages, then proceed to make purchases, rather than just leaving the first page immediately.


This turnaround was because the site not only became more visually appealing to visitors, but also easier to navigate, which saves time for the consumers and allows them to make a purchase more quickly. The faster it is to make a purchase, the higher the probability of more impulse buys.


A study proved that 80% of mobile purchases are impulse-driven and consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides an interactive mobile experience. More importantly, the company’s revenue increased by 357%, nearly three times greater than before its site was optimized. Söoryen was able to fulfill the company’s goal of making the mobile consumer experience a more pleasant one. This is proof that mobile optimization provides many benefits for a company, that would otherwise be missed without it.

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