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The Best of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology is starting to become omnipresent in most industries. Cost effectiveness, ease of use and setup, and the relative ease with which existing applications and products can be ported to the Cloud have made it a revolutionary technology concept of today’s technology landscape. In this post, we’ll cover the top content we’ve published on working with the Cloud. These are top-performing topics and have spawned numerous questions from readers. This content serves as a primer for anyone who wishes to understand the concept of Cloud to implement it and accrue real value from it.

Understanding Cloud Computing technology

These topics and titles help our readers understand cloud technologies and what they mean. In addition, they also touch upon other topics such as its benefits etc.

  • A simplified guide to iPaaS Platforms. Large enterprises often have applications, services, and data that exist in different environments. These enterprises use integration platforms as a service or iPaaS to integrate applications that live on-premise and in public and private clouds.
  • Adopting the Cloud: What is Your Migration Strategy? The key to successful migration to the cloud is having a business case, requirements, migration plan and an execution strategy in place.
  • Why AWS is Key to Business Growth and Customer Experience. Cloud computing is helping businesses open new channels of communication with customers, gain insights into data trends, and create new products & services accurately customized to the targeted markets-all by leveraging the disruptive technology.
  • The Right Approach to Security and Compliance in the Cloud. When assessing cloud security, organizations should look into key questions when choosing a cloud platform, such as where is the data? And who will have access to it? And the type of data, organizations are going to store on the cloud.
  • Kubernetes vs. Serverless: Cost Efficiency, Benefits and Architectural Impact. In this webinar, Mux’s Matt Ward will talk about how the data and video platform’s engineering team approached these decisions as they considered their own technology and infrastructure decisions, and why they went all-in building their platform on Kubernetes.
  • Hybrid cloud – Typical use cases and three trends for 2021. This post covers some of the advantages of a hybrid cloud, why it makes sense for businesses today, and some trends that we see in 2021.
  • KubeCon Seattle 2018 – Key Takeaways. While this post may seem dated, it did uncover important aspects of Cloud technology that are still relevant today. Since its inception in 2016, KubeCon has become the definitive Kubernetes conference that many developers look forward to. The first KubeCon hosted in 2016 witnessed under 200 participants. Within just two years, the number of attendees at KubeCon 2018 rose to 8,000 demonstrating an intense interest in open source technology.
  • IaC in SaaS World. The SaaS world often deals with the challenge of delivery of software to their end customers typically this delivery happens on dedicated infrastructure.
  • 9 Technology IT Trends and Predictions for 2021. This ebook compiles nine insights based on the data from our survey combined with commentary from our leaders.
  • Ep.6 – Tech Trends & Predictions 2021: Cloud. Tune into the first episode of this 3-part series where we gain the perspective of a CTO on cloud as one of the top technology trends in 2021.

Business imperatives of the Cloud

These topics cover the business aspects of the Cloud. These include content on how to grow adoption, the business benefit it accrues and the real results you can see by adding Cloud to your digital transformation roadmaps.

Examples of real world value

These case studies and client testimonials showcase the real world value and tangible benefits the cloud brings to your business.

The how-tos

These posts are more action oriented and help readers with tackling specific areas of cloud implementations. These are some of our most popular and informative lists.

If you're struggling with this or want help enacting these principles, let us know!

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