SecDevOps vs. DevSecOps

Encora | August 31, 2023

Development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) and security, development, and operations (SecDevOps) only differ at face value by the order in which the three words appear. To what extent does the order of the words matter? Are SecDevOps and DevSecOps different? 

This guide discusses SecDevOps vs. DevSecOps, presents an overview of both concepts, and explains how to choose between the two software development approaches. 

Overview of DevSecOps

The software development approach, DevSecOps, is a variation of DevOps that incorporates security into every stage of the development process. In fact, security is a fundamental and continuous part of development and deployment. Security measures are incorporated directly into the development workflow to align development and security practices seamlessly. This eliminates the security bottleneck that often slows the efficiency of the DevOps approach. 

DevSecOps relies heavily on agile, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) and addresses security concerns throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), which is restructured based on secure coding practices determined by the security team. DevSecOps uses automated security scanning and testing tools to monitor and analyze for security vulnerabilities continuously. Real-time monitoring enables real-time responses and speeds up and streamlines collaboration. The development, security, and IT operations teams collaborate to ensure deployment, monitoring, and maintenance efficiency. DevSecOps aims to accelerate the time to market, enhance the quality of the software, and improve security. 

Overview of SecDevOps

SecDevOps is another variation of DevOps that also prioritizes security. In some instances, the term is used interchangeably with DevSecOps. In other instances, the differences between the two are emphasized. When the differences are emphasized, the distinguishing quality is the degree to which security is prioritized. In these discussions, SecDevOps does present substantial innovations. Instead, the role of security in DevSecOps is reduced closer to DevOps, and the term SecDevOps describes what is otherwise referred to as DevSecOps. 

As there is no actual, future-oriented demand for a software development approach between DevOps and DevSecOps, and SecDevOps does not drive innovations beyond the established DevSecOps, both terms are effectively the same. SecDevOps is arguably superfluous as DevSecOps encompasses a wide range of adoption and innovation.  

SecDevOps vs. DevSecOps

SecDevOps and DevSecOps consist of several key characteristics that would be points of dissonance if the terms were distinct. Since the terms are interchangeable, no points of difference are discussed here. Instead, consider the following notable characteristics of SecDevOps and DevSecOps: 

  • Security - Both SecDevOps and DevSecOps lead to more secure apps. 
  • Collaboration - Both approaches require collaboration between all three teams. 
  • Automation - DevSecOps and SecDevOps automate security testing, integration, and implementation.  
  • Time to market - DevSecOps and SecDevOps accelerate the time to market. 
  • Monitoring - both continuous monitoring 
  • Training and education - In both approaches, training, and education are essential to ensuring all teams understand security best practices and procedures. Training and education also ensure all teams are current on the latest security concerns and corrective measures. 
  • Testing - Testing is an integral part of both DevSecOps and SecDevOps. Testing typically begins with threat modeling to determine risks and vulnerabilities and continues throughout the SDLC, focusing on eliminating issues before they arise. 

Choosing between DevSecOps and SecDevOps

Given that the terms DevSecOps and SecDevOps are used to refer to the same concept or different degrees of security involvement, it is crucial to understand the definition in use before proceeding with an approach. Ultimately, what is really at stake is security assessments and measures' role in software development. A gradual adoption of security protocols may be more accessible to some companies, and other companies may prefer to implement the most innovative approaches to software development as quickly as possible. The choice between DevSecOps and SecDevOps depends upon the nature of the company and products, the business requirements, application use cases, and the teams' skills and experience. At Encora, we offer comprehensive and customizable DevSecOps services. 

DevSecOps with Encora

Fast-growing tech companies partner with Encora to outsource product development and drive growth. We are deeply expert in the various disciplines, tools, and technologies that power the emerging economy, and this is one of the primary reasons that clients choose Encora over the many strategic alternatives that they have.

Encora's experience in DevSecOps allows our teams to improve agility and respond in real time to shifting market demands and evolving security threats. We help companies boost security and integrate it as part of their DevOps foundation. By considering security at every stage of development, we shorten development cycles, increase deployment frequencies, and deliver robust, dependable releases to improve your application's time to market.

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