Salesforce Healthcare for Creating a Digital Journey that puts Patients’ Needs First

Healthcare organizations will agree that the marketing strategies they are leveraging are not the same as what they used to be. Thanks to digital transformation, consumers now have access to more information than ever before and when it comes to patient experience.  Patients expect the same kind of personalized provider experience that matches the high-level experience of companies like Amazon. The Healthcare industry is no stranger to marketing, yet still thinks of CRM as a solution only for sales teams. But a CRM solution creates incredible value to a variety of teams; special mention to both the healthcare and life science industries.

A CRM for transforming the relationship between organizations and their customers, but what about healthcare

CRM technology comes loaded with capabilities that can transform the relationship between organizations and their customers.  These capabilities enable them to reach their consumers with relevant information through the communication channels they require. However, the big challenge is to create the same impact on healthcare organizations.

Understanding patients is the key to delivering personalized patient care

The marketing team’s goal is to acquire new customers and grow an existing customer base. For this to happen, in healthcare and life sciences, they must have patient data that is relevant, timely and trusted. But first, they must know who their customers are and understand their needs.  Without knowing this critical information, marketers can’t manage their data-driven activities and process. And, as with all marketing efforts, understanding patients is the key to delivering a positive experience that creates repeat patients and patient referrals.

Why clear cut definition for customers, in healthcare and life sciences is imperative

In many industries, there is a clear cut definition for what represents a target customer.  In healthcare and life sciences, a customer takes the form of many variations.  For example, providers, members, people who are participating in clinical trials along with individuals and organizations that acquire and / or use devices that are medical in nature. It is not without a reason that the healthcare industry has remained out the scope and the idea of CRM didn’t appeal to them. Healthcare was mostly seen as having patients and not customers. The belief was that CRMs may not help because they were mainly built around targeted direct mail outreach. Also, marketing teams were not fully conversant with the use of technology and CRM vendors catering to their niche domain.  Now, this industry is slowly graduating their understanding of key requirements and benefits surrounding the healthcare market and CRM.

But why the need for CRM for healthcare is the biggest question

In the age of digital transformation, no matter what industry you are in, the customer experience is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Differentiation requires innovative solutions that can process and provide immediate access to data and contextual information.

We are living in an age of digital transformation where the usage of digital technology is seen as a business imperative rather than a nice-to-have. The kind of experience the patients receives is in direct correlation to an organization’s success.

Patient interactions and journey to improve patient satisfaction

Patient interactions, journey and the goal to improve their satisfaction are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, organizations are looking to determine how to explore holistic patient changes across different stages of their journey.

The role of Salesforce Healthcare in devising a comprehensive digital marketing approach and go-to-market strategy for healthcare and life science industry

Building a comprehensive digital marketing approach and go-to-market strategy will only be successful if the benefits of the CRM solution are implemented and the resulting data is used as a patient journey enhancer. With a reliable CRM solution built for healthcare, organizations can meet the mission-critical demand of the patient journey. The CRM solution will track and enhance this patient journey through all the touch points. This approach will result in increased care and service excellence.

Creating a digital journey puts patients’ needs first. This is the core of what is provided by Prime Salesforce integration and customization expertise. This expertise spans multiple domains, including Finance, Healthcare and Entertainment. Prime is a certified Salesforce Partner, with extensive experience in implementing Salesforce integration and customization for healthcare and life science industry.

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