Quality Assurance and Its Importance in Software Creation

Software products, systems, or applications are created, developed, and executed by humans. While precautions are always taken and testing is executed, an error can emerge in any phase of the creation process, and this ‘mistake’ can lead to flaws in the system.

When developing a software project, it’s necessary to ensure the quality the client expects and meet all established requirements and criteria. It’s also important to remember that this process is beneficial for the final user and valuable for the company. It means a work methodology can be established throughout the process to avoid high expenses when fixing errors in advanced phases of a software project.

What is Quality Assurance

The concept of quality assurance (QA) comes from a commitment to quality. All software development teams should have at least one person to ensure the correct functionality of the software they are creating. It is not about fixing errors developers did not notice. Instead, the QA specialist should be considered an asset that plans and executes all tests required by the system. During the planning stage, the team must define all functional requirements to establish the project’s scope.

A Crucial Part of Software Creation

To achieve the objectives set by the team, development and QA must work together on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, QA is not limited to detecting errors; instead, it anticipates and verifies any possible peculiarities. Even when the team is pressed for time, shortening the testing phase is not recommended. It is vital to ensure that the delivered software is free of errors, and if the process is rushed, it could lead to a high number of mistakes.

It is also advisable to involve key users who participated in defining the software’s requirements in the QA process and obtain frequent feedback. In addition, when performing test regressions, everything should be re-tested after fixing any error. It is crucial to verify that no other bugs arose anywhere else in the software

Always Involved

The importance of quality assurance in all phases of a product’s creation is indisputable., Without a doubt, it is better to detect errors as soon as they appear - with ample time to fix them - instead of finding them just before the product’s delivery is due or before starting production.


Key Takeaways

  • The QA specialist should be considered an asset that plans and executes all tests required by the system.
  • QA plays a crucial part in all phases of software creation.
  • QA is not limited to detecting errors; it also anticipates and verifies any possible peculiarities.
  • The sooner errors are detected in the software cycle, the better since it is easier and more cost-effective to fix them.

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