6 Benefits of Nearshore Software QA Testing

Software quality assurance (QA) testing is critical to a product’s success and viability. It is far easier (and cheaper) to fix bugs before a product is in production. Finding and needing to fix bugs after a launch is costly both financially and to a company’s reputation, with downtime being a four-letter word in the tech industry. The answer to this issue is QA, which is designed to identify bugs and functionality gaps before they reach the user base. The strategic imperative for high-quality software QA testing leads many companies to work with nearshore partners for their QA. Working with nearshore engineering partners offers many benefits that all result in a quality product being launched in less time. Here are six nearshore QA testing benefits. 

Start QA Early in the SDLC

Because of the ease of collaboration offered by working with nearshore software engineering partners, starting the QA process at the beginning of the software development lifecycle is simple. Requirements can be reviewed at early stages, and responsive test scripts can be created, which makes it easier to deliver a quality product. The process of review, feedback, and implementing changes is quite simple with a nearshore team. 

Create a Better Product

Including QA earlier in the product development process facilitates building a high-quality, more secure product. It’s easier to find and fix bugs if you’re testing along the way, which prevents bugs from being built into the system, making them much more difficult to repair later in the development process. Not only does early QA create a more functional product, but it also creates a more secure one. Defects can often become security vulnerabilities, and when found and fixed early, they lead to a more secure, resilient product. 

Someone building a house will check and re-check their measurements before cutting the wood, and if there’s an error in the plan, they’ll stop and correct it. Using QA early in the SDLC is similar; it ensures everything is measured correctly and will fit together properly. Waiting until later in the SDLC to check for errors is like cutting all the wood for a house and crossing your fingers that it will all fit. Using a nearshore team makes using QA early in the SDLC feasible and accessible. 

Compatible Timezones

All of this collaboration is made possible by compatible timezones. The time difference between an onshore and a nearshore partner will be 1-3 hours. In some cases, depending on everyone’s location, it’s possible to have nearshore partners in the same timezone, which only increases efficiency. Generally, there will be a solid block of the work day where both teams are “on,” allowing work to commence efficiently. 

Coordination and Communication

It will be simple to coordinate and communicate with a nearshore team throughout the business day. Good QA is more than testing and fixing bugs; it includes involvement in the planning and design of the product itself. The meetings and phone calls needed to have QA in the whole SDLC and all communication necessary for two teams to work together over a distance is markedly simple with a nearshore team. Being in similar timezones and having open lines of communication will lead to the quick resolution of any issues. 

Cultural Compatibility

Nearshore partners are primarily based in Latin America (LatAm), which has a similar culture to North America. This leads to greater personal ease and rapport between team members and reduces awkwardness and misunderstandings---both technically and personally. Similar cultures lead to more significant opportunities for connection, which helps facilitate innovation, creative solutions and work well done. 

Reduced Travel Time

And finally, one of the most significant benefits of working with a nearshore team is the reduced travel time. Face-to-face meetings are essential for a high-functioning team to keep moving forward, so that means plane flights. With nearshore partners, particularly those in LatAm, the flights are shorter, which saves time and money. The similar timezones reduce jet lag, making in-person meetings more productive. This makes it easier for onshore and nearshore partners to function as a highly effective team. 

Nearshore Partners with Encora

Encora’s deep pool of dedicated and talented software engineers centers in LatAm, which offers many benefits to their onshore partners. With a global talent pool and proprietary Agile Engineering capabilities, Encora’s clients can design, build and launch higher-quality products….in a far shorter time frame. And, for companies looking for specialized services, like QA, the depth of Encora’s talent pool ensures that the right expert help is available when needed; there’s no waiting when a company chooses to work with Encora’s nearshore program. Encora’s nearshore engineers are so exceptional that large international companies, like CitiBank and TripAdvisor, choose to partner with Encora. Reach out to Encora with any questions or to get started today!

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