Nearshore Mobile App Development: 7 Benefits

With smartphone users numbered in the billions, mobile applications (apps) are a rapidly growing market. By 2023, it is anticipated that mobile apps will generate well over 930 billion in revenue. The app usage rate is increasing across all demographics, especially younger ones. Designing and building a successful mobile application is imperative for many companies’ success, survival, and competitive advantage. A nearshore partnership creates the opportunity for companies to increase their productivity and the quality of their mobile apps while reducing overhead and other costs. Learn how working with a nearshore mobile app development partner increases speed to market, impact, and success. 

What is Nearshore Mobile App Development?

Nearshore outsourcing is working with a team in the same or similar timezone. The nearshore mobile app development outsourcing model is a highly effective blend of the benefits of an in-house team and the cost savings of outsourcing. With this model, companies partner with a nearshore team to take on the development of a mobile app. The nearshore partner could be working on their own or as an extension of an in-house development team. The key word with effective nearshoring is extended because the nearshore team becomes an extension of the onshore company’s teams. 

Why Outsource Mobile App Development to LatAm?

Companies stand to reap a myriad of benefits from outsourcing their mobile app development to Latin America (LatAm). 

1. Improve development speed/similar timezone

Any changes to the mobile app can be made more swiftly with a nearshore team. Nearshore teams are responsive and adaptive to the many changes and adjustments necessary to create a quality mobile app in less time. Much of this flexibility and adaptability comes from nearshore teams being in the same or similar timezone when teams share most of the working day, increasing the speed of development. 

2. Optimized feedback loops

As any developer knows, tight feedback loops are essential for successful mobile app development. This is especially true regarding quality assurance testing, which seeks out dangerous and costly bugs. One reason feedback loops are easily optimized with a nearshore partner is the shared language. Most Latin American (LatAm) developers not only speak English, but they speak it fluently. This factor, along with the close timezones, allows for any needed feedback loops to be highly efficient. 

3. IP Protection

Any company working with a nearshore partner can safeguard its IP under US law. This is true regardless of where the IP was created; a company’s software, design, etc., legally belongs to them. 

4. Increased collaboration

Nearshore teams can easily integrate with their onshore partners, increasing the collaboration level between colleagues. There is magic to good teamwork that can increase development speeds and create a high-quality product. Good collaboration increases lines of communication and creates a culture of support. Team members feel comfortable asking for help or feedback, which saves time and improves product integrity. A cohesive team leads to more extraordinary dedication, focus, and attention to detail, as each team member not only focuses on their portion of the project but also looks out for their teammates. And the benefits of the positive morale generated by collaboration and cohesiveness cannot be overstated. Friction and poor teamwork lead to more time being spent unproductively and mistakes that could have been avoided. A cohesive team leads to a better product developed on time. 

5. Decreased risk of developer burnout and attrition

Developer burnout is a huge issue and a leading cause of employee attrition. Companies with an in-house team at risk of burnout can mitigate that risk by partnering with a nearshore team. Nearshore teams offer experience, expertise, and cost savings. And, given the shortage of technical talent the whole world is facing, companies can invest in their in-house teams by supporting them with nearshore partners. This results in saving money in the short term and protecting their long-term success. 

6. Reduced Travel Time

In-person meetings are generally necessary for a successful nearshore partnership. Companies partnering with a nearshore company will significantly reduce their travel time and costs, which benefits the company and those traveling. The shorter distances make the in-person meetings needed for developing an excellent mobile app far more convenient. 

7. Increased cultural similarities

One reason many companies succeed in working with nearshore partners is the cultural similarities shared with their nearshore teams. LatAm and North America are close geographically and culturally. This connection offers a common ground for teams to build rapport. Rapport supports creative thinking, innovative solutions, and employee satisfaction. It also enhances the communication and teamwork necessary for designing and building a successful mobile app. 


How to Get Started on Nearshore Mobile App Development

Companies can accelerate their product’s time to market and produce a product of superior quality and usability with a nearshore team from Encora. Encora’s skilled developers can build mobile apps from the ground up or evolve existing applications. Partnering with an exceptional nearshore mobile app development team is as easy as reaching out to Encora with any questions or to get started today.

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