Mitigating the Shortage of Cybersecurity Talent

Cybersecurity specialists must stay prepared to face new threats by keeping up to date with continuously changing technologies, regulatory policies and emerging frameworks.

How can cybersecurity departments, however, create new cybersecurity tools and processes, and keep up to date with the latest innovation trends when they lack the personnel to do so?

With the increasing amount of cybercrime, cybersecurity has become one of the top priorities for new spending, including cybersecurity tools and human talent.

The issue in most organizations is the scarcity of cybersecurity professionals. The lack of stable and qualified personnel put companies at risk of suffering conditions such as:

● Overworked cybersecurity staff
● Staff not prepared for 24/7/365 threats
● Inexperienced professionals unable to deliver advanced security requirements
● Reliance on technology-based solutions without the expertise to manage and monitor the tools
● Holes in modern security infrastructure, such as deployment automation, identity access management (IAM), and cloud regulatory compliance

Organizations are investing in cybersecurity skills development in evolving and emerging technologies. This includes training current security staff on adapting and acquiring new skills, drawing on modern, nontraditional talent acquisition practices, and looking to third-party service providers for strategic partnerships.

Nontraditional Talent Acquisition

Organizations have begun to widen their scope outside of traditional talent pools. By implementing company-run training programs for hires, they can turn non-traditional cybersecurity talent into trained specialists. Employers are becoming more flexible with job qualifications; changing job descriptions and titles to attract potential security-talented candidates.

Strategic Partnerships

A managed security service provider (MSSP) externally manages and monitors security systems and devices 24/7/365. Common services include intrusion detection, anti-viral services, a virtual private network, vulnerability scanning, and a managed firewall.
This model allows organizations to expand their internal teams by incorporating specialized talent as needed. The company maintains direct oversight and control of how the specialists integrate as they work alongside the in-house team.

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