Improving Work Quality with Frequent Training

In such a competitive market as the technology industry, the majority of clients look for a partner that satisfies their business needs - and has the highest level of knowledge in their specific industry. This confirms the importance of providing employees with professional education and tools that can satisfy the needs of a demanding market, and boost their own professional growth. By following this premise, Avantica has become a leading company and we have secured a top position in the software technologies market.

According to different studies, 60% of international collaboration aimed at Central America stays in Costa Rica. This, it is argued, is due to the fact that the nation’s professional workforce is more educated and therefore highly qualified in comparison to the rest of the region. 

The Importance of Continuous Training

The main and most important benefit of continuous training is the improvement shown in executing specific tasks. Training is usually focused on select topics, aiming for a deeper understanding and knowledge within a professional’s field.

Benefits for the company:

  • Improves knowledge of the position at all levels
  • Raises morale among team members
  • Helps collaborators identify with the organization’s objectives
  • Streamlines decision-making and problem solving
  • Promotes collaborators’ development through promotions
  • Contributes to the creation of leaders
  • Boosts productivity and work quality
  • Helps to keep costs low


Benefits for team members that have a positive effect on the organization:

  • Helps collaborators when it comes to solving problems and making decisions
  • Boosts confidence, assertiveness, and development
  • Improves communication between collaborators
  • Raises satisfaction in regards to their position
  • Allows collaborators to achieve individual goals
  • Eliminates collaborators’ fear of the unknown




  1. The technology industry is a very competitive market, which means that the majority of clients look for companies that can satisfy their needs and that have the highest level of knowledge in regards to their specific business field.
  2. At a company level, continuous training helps to streamline decision-making and problem solving, contributes to the formation of leaders, and improves work quality, among other advantages.
  3. At an employee level, continuous training boosts confidence, improves communication, and increases job satisfaction, among other benefits .


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