AI and DevOps: How Can a DevOps Team Take Advantage of AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly shaping our lives and the modern DevOps team is no exception. According to Gartner, “40% of DevOps teams will be using application and infrastructure monitoring apps that have integrated artificial intelligence for IT operations platforms by 2023.”. AI is fundamentally changing the way we approach DevOps. One of these changes being seen across the board is more focus on security, specifically building that security in from the ground floor. Next to increased efficiency across the software development life cycle, security is seen as one of the most important integrations of DevOps and AI.

AI And DevOps: Definitions

  • What is AI?

AI is a field of computer science that deals with the technology used to create computer programs capable of simulating human intelligence. This allows them to perform complex tasks, such as with self-driving cars. AI is the broad umbrella of intelligent machines and includes applications like Machine Learning (ML.) 

  • What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of development (dev) and operations (op). These two departments are blended to increase productivity, pace, and security. GitLab defines DevOps as “people working together to conceive, build and deliver secure software at top speed.” DevOps practices support software developers and operations teams to create higher quality deliverables more quickly. They do this with automation, teamwork, speedy feedback, and iterative improvement.

Benefits of AI in DevOps

While the benefits of AI in DevOps are myriad, some of which are addressed below, the main benefit for AI in DevOps is the ability to increase security in software programs. The main way it does this is by increasing the speed at which security tests can be performed. Many software developers are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to choosing to run the necessary and time-consuming security tests or deliver their code on time. With the help of AI, developers can run comprehensive security tests while still meeting their deadlines. AI does this by significantly reducing the threat vector identification times and increasing the effectiveness of false-positive identifications. 

AI can also play a role in managing the critical lack of trained cybersecurity experts many companies are now facing. AI can do this by making cybersecurity experts more effective and by creating the demand for a new type of security data scientist that can work with AI technologies. AI also makes developers more effective by helping them identify errors in their code before it goes to production. And, finally, by generating customized secure code patterns that fix any vulnerability that’s been detected, AI increases security skills. 

How AI is Transforming DevOps

An AI DevOps combination holds the potential to alleviate many of the challenges faced by DevOps teams. Here are some of the ways that AI is transforming DevOps.

  • Data access is improved through the use of AI. This makes DevOps teams more efficient and better able to collaborate. AI can be used to compile data from many different sources and to organize it cohesively. AI can also be used to analyze that data more effectively.
  • Increased ability to marry necessary security testing for software and maintain the pace for deployment, as well as other security benefits. 
  • Software testing becomes more efficient, which increases the speed of development. 
  • The feedback collected from every stage of the software development life cycle is more easily gathered and managed. 

How Can DevOps Take Advantage of AI?

Taking advantage of an artificial intelligence DevOps combination is one way for organizations to continue to succeed in the future. 

  • AI and DevOps are interconnected. DevOps’s main job is creating software programs, and they can not only use AI to help with this process but incorporate AI-based technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) in a foreign language app. 
  • AI can assist DevOps teams in the whole process of testing, coding, releasing, and displaying programs, and make them more efficient. 
  • AI also helps the DevOps teamwork more effectively through increased automation, supporting the ability to problem solve and making it easier for team members and teams to work together. 
  • AI assists the DevOps team in controlling the quantity, speed, and variability of data by helping them creatively and innovatively address inefficiencies in the software development life cycle. 

Take Advantage of DevOps and AI with Encora

Staying competitive now and in the future requires the tactical use of AI to create efficiency, greater security, and better products. Whether you need a DevOps team that specializes in AI technology or want help bringing your DevOps team up to speed with AI, our team of DevOps and AI experts at Encora are here to help. Reach out to us today to get started. 

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