Blockchain: Fundamentals and Applications

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Aditya Chouhan

Aditya has over 12 years of experience designing and developing cloud-based web applications in domains such as Digital Commerce, HealthTech, Insurance, and Energy Services. As an Engineering Manager at Encora, he must understand his customers’ needs, analyze their requirements, and design the optimal solution. Aditya manages multiple projects and provides technical assistance to all his teams.

Blockchain' is one of the current "buzz" words phrases that have gained the greatest traction recently. Popular use cases of this emerging technology include Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, the Internet of Things, and Smart contracts.
In this webinar, we provide an overview of what Blockchain is. We'll go through common blockchain jargon to help you grasp the fundamentals of this technology. We will see how it works and what’s so special about it. We'll also discuss a few more use cases, including Bitcoin, one of its most well-known applications.


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