Understanding FinTech Software Development Services

Encora provides FinTech software development services for the modern company. Whether a company is launching a new banking app or developing new payroll software, the experts at Encora can help them develop the FinTech software they need. Expert FinTech software development services help companies grow and succeed, and with Encora, companies will receive invaluable and irreplaceable specialized FinTech knowledge and experience.

Our FinTech Software Services

1. Create exceptional customer experiences with Encora’s UI/UX design.
Encora’s teams of developers are experts at designing effective and pleasing user experiences that encourage engagement and adoption. FinTech UI/UX is make or break for any application’s success, which is why companies across the globe trust Encora with their UI/UX. Encora’s developers are skilled in experience design strategy, UX research and analysis, UI/UX re-engineering and migration, and UI optimization.

2. Develop applications that run smoothly on any platform, whether it’s web or mobile. Encora knows that each time a customer uses a company’s application, there is an opportunity to strengthen that customer relationship. And, with FinTech applications, a smooth experience is essential. Encora can assist companies with a mobility strategy definition, app design and development, app testing and optimization, sensors management, and mobile accessibility.

3. Cybersecurity is incredibly important for any FinTech software.
A person’s or company’s financial information is highly sensitive and must be protected with the latest technologies. Encora protects their customers from cyberattacks with their expertise and skill in:

  • Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)
  • User and Entity Behavioral Analytics
  • Blockchain and Hashgraph
  • Data and application security
  • Storage and database security
  • Monitoring and Log Analytics
  • Privacy Enhancing Computation (Differential Privacy, SMPH, Homomorphic encryption)

4. FinTech Software Engineers

Companies can work with expert FinTech software engineers from Encora who can design, build and test FinTech software, including applications. Encora’s proprietary approach to software development slashes time to deployment and creates a higher quality product to ensure zero downtime. Encora engineers are Agile masters with a tool-centric and metric-driven approach. Gain access to product architecture design, Agile product development, product deployment, support, and product testing (validation and verification).

5. DevOps

A company’s growth is ensured by rapidly developing and deploying high-quality products. Creating solid FinTech solutions can be significantly enhanced by adopting DevOps and continuous engineering principles. Encora’s Agile DevOps and continuous engineering services support the rapid development and deployment of quality FinTech products, which offers a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. Encora’s expert FinTech software engineers are skilled in infrastructure development, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), server maintenance, product maintenance, and release management.

6. Data Science and Analytics

FinTech involves a great deal of data, data that can become a valuable asset when managed effectively. Companies can leverage the full power of their data assets with Data Science and Analytics from Encora. Their engineers have a nuanced understanding of a company’s raw data and the tools and methods needed to efficiently analyze raw data and create data-driven insights into customer preferences that fuel retention and growth. With Encora, companies can access predictive models, propensity scores and algorithms, product recommendation engines, segmentation, and non-traditional data analysis.

7. Quality Assurance

Professional quality assurance is essential for an excellent, highly functional product and greatly lowers the risk of downtime after a product has been launched. It is four times more expensive to fix a bug in production than to address it prior. Find bugs and fix functionality gaps in FinTech products with skilled quality assurance from Encora. Encora’s engineers are well-versed in test planning and execution, unit and regression testing, accessibility audits, and mobile experience testing.

Clients and Testimonials

Nagaraju Bandaru, CTO, Mosaic

“We have found Encora to be very responsive to our needs. Encora consistently meets or exceeds our standards by providing us access to the best tech leads and engineers.”

Colin Smith, SVP-Operations, Opta Information Intelligence

“We have found Encora to be very responsive to our needs, delivering high-quality developers who work very effectively as an extension of our on-shore team.”

Imtiyaz Haque, CEO, Movoto

“We are particularly proud of the work carried out by Encora in Analytics, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning capability. We look forward to a continued partnership.”

Mark Miliani, Global Head of Product and Engineering, BugCrowd

“Encora has been invaluable in helping us evolve our processes to accommodate our scaling needs without compromising the agility of a smaller team.”

Why Choose Encora for FinTech Software Development

Encora is a global company with years of experience and deep expertise in the technology that powers FinTech. Highly skilled and able to produce quality products quickly, Encora’s engineers have the tools and experience to create excellent, secure products that deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Encora has worked with 28 Fortune 1000 companies and operates in fourteen countries worldwide. Reach out to Encora with questions or to get started today!

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We are the software development company fiercely committed and uniquely equipped to enable companies to do what they can’t do now.

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