Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Are Key Elements to Accelerating DevOps' Business Value and Operational Efficiency

Organizations often face significant challenges to deliver value to their customers in a timely manner without compromising quality. For this reason, many organizations are taking cloud migration seriously due to the promise of greater speed to market and value-add.

As more businesses move towards adopting cloud solutions, spending on the SaaS model will continue to gain momentum as it is increasingly seen as a disruption that has revolutionized the software business because it provides greater flexibility to the customer. However, security, privacy and performance are some of the concerns standing in the way of full adoption. To meet these challenges, it is always best to partner with a technology company that offers expertise in:

  1. CI/CD architecture and tools
  2. Test automation strategy
  3. Cloud technologies

Better results with DevOps and CI/CD

The days of independent Dev and pigeon-holed operations are disappearing.  Instead in recent times, CI/CD has become a mainstream choice, not without good reason. In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are coming under severe pressure to deliver software more expeditiously and efficiently. Having to deliver under this level of pressure can often times result in a far from acceptable quality and that’s the last thing any company should want.

To meet the quality challenge and achieve faster software delivery, organizations are adopting DevOps and CI/CD methodologies to plan, build, test and release applications and features. More and more organizations are discovering how DevOps enables them to tackle the challenge of data-driven disruption. DevOps offers businesses endless opportunities, but they must figure out how best to capitalize on its disruptive capabilities. Ultimately, having access to a solid DevOps knowledge base is critical for implementation success.  When most companies implement DevOps, they do so to capitalize on the benefits of implementing an effective CI/CD pipeline.

Tooling choice and CI/CD pipeline implementation

However, just like anything in technology, a DevOps adoption journey requires everyone to be on same page when it comes to making decisions associated with tooling choice. It is inevitable that there will be difference of opinion about important issues but the real problem is when such issues slow down decisions relating to tooling choices. Not having enough expertise in cloud orchestration tools for such as Kubernetes can become an issue.  That is when a solid DevOps technology partner becomes essential.

During a DevOps implementation, phasing in a CI/CD pipeline implementation and adopting new technologies come with challenges and adoption hurdles. Prime’s vast experience in DevOps, CI/CD, Micro Services and Cloud adoption can help phase in a CI/CD pipeline implementation successfully. Many DevOps teams face issues with the manual process of on-boarding new developers. A technology partner like Prime can automate CI/CD processes effectively and on-board applications.

The ideal technology partner

A successful DevOps implementation needs a solid foundation from an experienced partner. In this regard, Prime helps identify organizations’ readiness for adoption of DevOps and cloud technologies. We help to identify gaps in strategy, toolsets, and execution to accelerate the development of key CI/CD capabilities.

With over 20+ years of experience, Prime Technology Group is an ideal DevOps partner who will ensure that you are able to achieve optimal results in your implementation with positive business impact.

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