Cloud Design Patterns for Security and Scalability

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Poorvi Nigotiya

Poorvi is a certified Cloud Architect and Engineering Manager at Encora. With 12+ years of IT experience, she has led the development of corporate applications in a variety of verticals such as Digital Commerce, FinTech, and Energy. In addition to overseeing product engineering, she actively participates in project delivery and process improvement as a cloud practitioner and agile methodologist.

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Bharat Shah

Bharat has 10+ years of industry experience in technology. Currently a Tech Lead at Encora, his expertise ranges from backend systems to cloud architectures, microservices design, and Agile methodologies. With a deep knowledge of Amazon Cloud Services, he specializes in microservices design, especially with Spring Boot.

Cloud Service Providers offer a wide range of services that can accelerate and facilitate application development. Large and/or critical applications, however, must incorporate non-functional requirements such as high responsiveness, high availability, scalability, resilience, cost-effectiveness, and security. These must be thoughtfully considered in the architecture’s design. 

In this webinar, we provide an overview of the challenges of developing Cloud Applications and discuss the design patterns that help address them.


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