Anomaly and Fraud Detection in 5G

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Ivan Caramello

Ivan Caramello de Andrade has 8+ years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science projects for global Telecommunication and Electronics companies. His background includes the design and implementation of Machine Learning models for problems such as anomaly detection, failure prediction and behavior recognition.

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Mario Zimmer

Mario Zimmer has a broad experience accumulated over 20 years in Telecommunications, Networking Protocols and IT areas. He has contributed to several multi-country projects around the globe, comfortably operating in multi-cultural environments. He joined Encora Brazil Division in 2006 where he has performed multiple management roles across the organization, including Application Engineer, Account Operation Manager, Project Manager, Innovation Manager and Head of Telecom Services. He is also the Country Manager for Canada.

Fraud has grown in several verticals in recent years. For years, Encora has been working with customers on solutions that detect anomalies to reduce the losses caused by fraud.


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