5 tools for Agile development

While Agile frameworks are widely adopted, tools are where the rubber meets the road. This post discusses five tools that help developers implement these Agile frameworks.


Jira lets you manage your agile software development projects using a single tool. It can adapt to any flavor of Agile, including Scrum, Kanban, and more. In addition, it supports agile boards, backlogs, roadmaps, and reports and offers custom integrations and add-ons. 

Why developers love Jira:

  • Ability to plan dependencies ahead of time.
  • The ease with which teams from diverse roles can use it.
  • Integrations with other tools such as Confluence and Microsoft DevOps.


Asana is a software-as-a-service platform that helps teams manage projects and tasks in a single tool. It improves team collaboration and work management and helps teams create projects, assign work to teammates, specify deadlines, and communicate about tasks. 

It also includes elaborate reporting tools, file attachments, calendars, and setting and tracking company-wide goals. Asana allows developers to automate workflows and track the entire team’s progress. 

Why developers love Asana: 

  • Automation functionality
  • Multiple project templates
  • Handling of task visibility
  • Milestone tracking
  • Reviews
  • Mobile functionality. 

Github Enterprise

Apart from securing code at every step of the SDLC, Github Enterprise can automate complex workflows with its native, powerful, and flexible CI/CD mechanisms. It also allows users to use best practice workflows created by industry and open source leaders.

Github Enterprise also leverages the power of best practices from open source teams and helps organizations iterate faster and ship more frequently. 

Why developers love Github Enterprise: 

  • Keyboard shortcuts for issue monitoring and assigning and resolving letting developers stay in their flow. 
  • Ability to develop based on best-in-class templates from the open source community.
  • Ensure that open source software stays compliant with updated security policies.

Advanced project insights help developers monitor status and progress and visualize any obstacles blocking them. 

Azure Boards

Azure Boards is an interactive and customizable software development and team management platform that provides a rich set of capabilities, including native support for Agile, Scrum, and Kanban processes. The product also includes calendar views, configurable dashboards, and integrated reporting. 

The reporting tool allows developers to track work, issues, and code defects associated with your project. It also lets users add, update, and filter user stories, bugs, features, and epics.

Why developers love Azure Boards: Let developers strategically plan the project timeline from requirements to code changes and see it all under one dashboard, giving them insights from idea to change requests. 

Miro Boards

With Miro, you can collaborate with others in real-time and share your ideas via online whiteboarding that’s simple to use and can be used anywhere on any device. Use cases include digital brainstorming, meeting documentation, teaching a class, or managing an Agile workflow. 

Miro enables users to use video conference, screen sharing, and presentation modes to increase collaboration and empowers many people to work simultaneously. Using Stickies Capture, Miro can instantly convert a photo of your whiteboard into editable digital sticky notes in Miro.

Why developers love Miro Boards: 

  • Individual whiteboards can be merged into a team whiteboard or shared with other team members for collaboration. 
  • Items on the whiteboard can be converted into assignments for individual team members. 
  • An integrated team meetings facility and integrations with other popular tools such as Jira, Trello, Zoom, and Slack

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