5 Security Solutions Responding to Work-from-home and the Explosion of Endpoints

The COVID-19 pandemic drove organizations to adapt and support remote operations. The distributed work environment, however, introduced significant cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

With remote workers accessing company applications and data from home networks, and an increased number of personal endpoints, there is a much greater risk of phishing and ransomware threats.

In response to these challenges, the security industry is constantly on solutions with top-tier research, services, and products. What are the opportunities they’re taking advantage of to better serve their clients against endpoint threats?

1. Centralized Endpoint Management Solutions

Centralized endpoint management allows organizations to reduce endpoint-related risks by using a single point of control and proactive management and monitoring of endpoint access and behavior to protect endpoints, prevent attacks, and prevent access to unauthorized data.

2. Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

XDR products simplify security by consolidating multiple products into a unified security detection and response platform. The primary value of XDR products is the capability to improve detection and response by unifying visibility and control across endpoints, networks, and the cloud.

3. Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP solutions have become a priority for organizations searching for ways to identify the sensitive data managed through public cloud-based tools. Identification of sensitive data allows the business to take action to remediate the risk and prevent sensitive data from being unintentionally leaked or exposed.

4. Zero Trust Architectures

Zero Trust is a security model that lets organizations tighten access controls to applications, networks, and environments without affecting performance or user experience. These models always assume that the network has been breached and require strict and continuous verification to prove the user is not an attacker, even post-login, for each resource in the network.

5. Automated Security Awareness Training

Security training programs focus on proactive and ongoing security education for all employees. Security awareness education addresses the most common cybersecurity mistakes that employees make that could lead to a data breach.

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