Technology and IntelligentAutomation Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Insurers

Prioritize higher care experiences, operational resilience, and business agility with Encora's healthcare solutions and frameworks 

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Healthcare Technology Solutions & Frameworks

Discover the six Encora solutions and frameworks that Drive Operational Excellence, Improve Stakeholder Value, and Meet Higher Care Experience Expectations 

Drive higher process efficiency, offer more personalized patient care, and achieve greater operational excellence with Encora’s intelligent automation solutions.

  1. For providers:
    1. Next-level automation that uses AI, ML, and NLP to integrate unstructured and semi-structured data such as notes, films, and images with core patient data
    2. Integrate wearable health data with core patient data for a holistic view of patient health and better care provision
    3. Make leaps on the administrative side of healthcare by automating private patient intake, eliminating bias, interfacing with legacy platforms, and optimizing supply chain and procurement processes
  2. For payers:
    1. Automate common tasks such as eligibility verification, claim status follow-up, test scheduling, and payment authorization by integrating data from disparate systems and sources
    2. Process unstructured data such as faxes and handwritten authorization notes to ensure seamless flow of data across providers and payers
    3. Optimize revenue cycles for providers and payers with reduced declines
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Build and enhance your 340B products with highly differentiated technical expertise and easy implementation

  1. Get a robust 340B framework tailored to your requirements, covering complex processes ranging from 340B claim detection to drug accumulation and replenishment activities, invoicing, and payments
  2. Rapidly identify and resolve unmapped revenue items to positively impact your bottom line.
  3. Implement inventory management and procurement tools to support multiple ordering platforms, wholesaler accounts, and pricing contracts
  4. Easily acquire accurate and reliable insights for clients and internal teams through a customizable reporting engine
  5. Effortlessly integrate with third-party data sources, including pharmacy software, wholesalers, suppliers, gateways and other ancillary providers
  6. Gain customized, automated workflows and a decision-making engine
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Get highly functional, interoperable, and customizable EMR and EHR solutions

Encora provides highly functional EMR/EHR and Healthcare Data Management solutions to meet specific needs of specialty and sub-specialty practices. Our solutions portfolio is fully compliant with HIPAA security standards, HL7 messaging, and ONC certification standards.

Tangible efficiency improvements in pharmacy operations

Encora develops and implements solutions for Pharmacy Benefit Managers that enhance efficiency through simplified processes, customized to each PBM’s specific requirements. Our industry experts bring decades of experience in the healthcare field and unmatched, specialized, technical expertise within the PBM domain.

Enable secure sharing between patients, providers, and payers

Healthcare interoperability solutions enable seamless operations across diverse systems, keep pace with changing regulations, and set the stage for technology transformation. For healthcare payers, interoperability solutions help them compete more effectively, more cohesively engage with their members, and be a technology forerunner better prepared for future needs.

Increased quality of care for remotely located patients

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) increasingly support telehealth reimbursements, this medium provides improved care quality for patients who are geographically far or have a medical condition that requires them to be. Telehealth solutions fit well with contact points that access and process data from diverse healthcare ecosystems as the healthcare system is reformed and digitized.

Technology Offerings for Healthcare Providers & Payers 

Modernize technology foundations, streamline healthcare operations, and build agility and resilience with Encora’s core technology services

Data & Insights

From running experiments and proof of concepts to full-scale production-ready AI deployments, Encora helps you achieve real benefits of AI and ML algorithms, computer vision, and natural language processing to make sense of unstructured and semi-structured data 

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Cloud Services 

Cloud is a foundational IT component for future scalability that advances innovation, improves resiliency and improves stakeholder value 

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Next-Generation Business Process Management (BPM) & Business Process Analysis (BPA) 

Next-generation automation empowers healthcare providers and payers to ease operational constraints, improve flexibility, offer better care services, all while building a highly resilient future-ready platform 

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Application Development & QA Automation 

Encora combines superior product engineering expertise and decades of industry domain knowledge to deliver robust and scalable application development, quality assurance, test automation, and UI/UX services 

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Healthcare technology operations are often orchestrated to maximize value and deliver real operational excellence. 

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