The Top 6 Industries Being Shaped by Intelligent Engineering

Encora | September 16, 2021


To overcome engineering challenges, organizations around the world are looking at using modern technologies in innovative ways that support their people and business processes. From rapidly building digital solutions to automatically enforcing governance through AI, intelligent engineering is becoming a common methodology that can give you the edge in almost any industry. 

Over the last decade, changes to software engineering principles and development processes altered the business landscape. Today, engineering teams solve complex challenges with continuous integration, delivery, and optimization by leveraging emerging technologies and deploying the latest capabilities in their day-to-day work.

What is Intelligent Engineering?

Intelligent engineering is the process of optimizing a company’s operating model by using a balanced combination of people, processes, and any appropriate technology. Companies use intelligent engineering to continuously improve operations, discover new opportunities for innovation, and deliver greater efficiency across the business landscape. 

6 Industries Where Intelligent Engineering is Changing the Game

Wherever someone needs to solve complex business challenges, the following engineering considerations should apply:

  • You need input from subject matter experts and functional professionals
  • Solutions require an understanding of current and emerging technological capabilities
  • Teams need perspectives (or strategies) that consider the future and use predictive analytics

At Encora, we are fortunate enough to regularly interact and engage with customers who wish to use intelligent engineering and drive their industries forward. Here are six of the industries using intelligent engineering in daily operations. 

  1. Healthcare Industry

For health services, the fast and efficient processing of information across the entire patient-care supply chain is constantly under pressure. Intelligent engineering designs improve patient safety and quality of care when you integrate systems and provide access to real-time data with predefined control points. 

Healthcare facilities and practitioners can use agile innovation to build:

  • Streamlined diagnosis methods by using machine learning (ML) and AI algorithms
  • Scheduling and capacity management systems that optimize the patient care and on-call processes
  • Protect personal healthcare information while using AI to optimize take-in processes
  • Deliver real-time access to critical patient data from mobile and handheld devices
  1. Information & Communication Technology and Fast-Growing Tech Firms

Startups and fast-growing tech firms frequently use emerging technologies to reduce costs by deploying automation and ensuring availability by opting for elastic provisioning, which allows the system to adapt to workload changes and match the current demand as closely as possible. The cloud allows companies to consume (and pay) only for the digital resources it consumes and provides seamless availability to Line of Business (LOB) applications on almost any handheld device. 

Increasingly, the complexity of the ICT environment (not to mention cybersecurity threats) depends on automated procedures that trigger the necessary interventions due to the sheer number of notifications a system may receive. Analytics, insights, preventative support, and rapid visualizations are ways ICT firms use intelligent engineering to:

  • Provide ICT services at a competitive price around the world with fewer human resources
  • Align their operational efficiency with the user’s expectations
  • Deliver better productivity to their clients through increased availability
  1. Real Estate and Property Management

The changes in how people work and live these days are pushing real estate and property management firms into new territory. For property managers, just keeping up with the latest management information is a challenge – effectively communicating with tenants even more so. 

Modernizing processes with intelligent engineering means real estate firms can:

  • Deliver digital products that improve the relationship and communication between property managers, owners, agencies, and tenants
  • Optimize the billing processes for the entire supply chain including contractors, vendors, or service providers
  • Increase cost-efficiency by modernizing building management systems and processes by deploying IoT.
  1.  Supply Chain and Logistics

Innovative products are how the global travel of people and transition of goods continues to function under even the most trying of circumstances. Intelligent engineering combined with digital commerce platforms facilitate the smooth transfer of everything from raw materials to delicate electronics around the globe. 

Supply chain and distribution organizations that use intelligent engineering can:

  • Reduce technical debt by refactoring old codebases for increased platform stability
  • Optimize complex supply chain networks, transporting goods and raw materials from disparate points of origin
  • Delivering said goods to manufacturers, distributors, and consumers all around the world more efficiently
  1. Retail and Ecommerce Ventures

Retail and digital commerce environments that provide immersive, personalized experiences are outperforming competitors and attracting more customers daily. Something as simple as starting a trend on social media can boost a company’s profile immensely. 

AI, product personalization platforms, 3D interactive product models, and augmented reality experiences are what sets today’s top brick-and-mortar and ecommerce sites apart. Intelligent engineering allows these organizations to integrate all processes related to product lines and deliver true omnichannel shopping experiences

  1. Fintech and Financial Services Organizations

Digital payment systems, advanced trading platforms, and exceptional customer services all integrated into a single platform are the ideal solutions for financial services organizations. In a highly regulated financial services market, intelligent engineering enables companies to reduce the cost of compliance while protecting personal information by using automation tools. 

Firms can rebuild core architecture that supports all financial transactions across their physical and digital operations. DevOps software engineering services allow product teams to deliver new features daily, constantly improving the data security of the system while meeting customer’s expectations simultaneously.

Adopt an Intelligent Engineering Process with Encora

Encora is an intelligent engineering solution partner that envisions, enables, engineers, and engages with our customers to help achieve the impossible. Our goal is to build achievable roadmaps to innovation that help you scale your vision and deliver on your promises. 

To discuss your needs with a team that understands the value of intelligent engineering principles, reach out to Encora today. 

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