Industry Context

The US Real Estate industry has long relied on home listings provided through multiple listing services (MLS). Over the last 10+ years, a competitive digital MLS market has evolved, with providers introducing enhanced data services designed to improve buyer and broker experiences. Competition among MLS providers has led to the augmentation of home listing information, including property history, public school rankings, points of interest, neighborhood profiles, market statistics, and future home value projections. These data services, combined with digital experience, elevate consumer expectations and heighten competition within the Real Estate market. 

Industry Context

Client Challenge

Movoto is an online real estate agency that makes real estate simple. Over time, the volume of property-related data proliferated, and Movoto recognized the need to streamline its core data assets. The strategic initiative had two primary objectives: to quickly distill analytical insights for management and improve the digital experience for home-buyers and brokers. 

Client Challenge

AWS Solution

AWS was the preferred choice for
Movoto's initiative for several reasons:

  • AWS is the most popular cloud platform with significantly more managed features in comparison to other options
  • AWS provides infrastructure-related services such as computing, storage, networking, security, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning capabilities
    Encora's deep experience with AWS included building data lakes, making it the optimal choice for Movoto's data-heavy platform
  • AWS delivers top-tier provisions for high availability, automated scalability, enhanced security, multi-region redundancy, serverless architecture and services, and high-level data storage, among others
AWS Solution

Encora's Approach

Encora partnered with Movoto to redesign its approach to data management, from collection to storage, usage in the digital experience, and management's analysis of ongoing performance.

  • Product Engineering & Development: Encora re-architected and developed the functionality for the company's core real estate portal
  • DevOps Continuous Engineering: We translated the innovation roadmap into new core capabilities required to bring the information strategy to life
    Cloud Services: Encora unburdened the existing hardware and ensured there is always adequate bandwidth for high amounts of data to be transmitted and shared in real-time
  • Data Science & Engineering: We developed deep learning algorithms to personalize users' search results and improve conversion
Encora's Approach

Primary AWS Services

Encora's engineers build and manage solutions for Movoto using the following primary AWS services:

Amazon EC2 1 Amazon OpenSearch Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS Amazon Lambda Amazon SES Amazon ELB Amazon VPC Amazon ECS Amazon EKS

AWS-Enabled Benefits

AWS offered multiple advantages:

  • AWS facilitated the selection of the operating system, the programming language for Lambda and other serverless computations, web application platforms, and databases (RDS)
  • AWS-managed services reduced the IT team's overhead in relation to server management
  • AWS' auto-scaling setup enabled an initial low cost while providing the option to pay for additional infrastructure only when loads increased
  • Secrets manager provided high availability (99.9% upkeep) and high security
AWS-Enabled Benefits

AWS-Enabled Outcomes

Both Movoto's websites ( and run entirely on AWS. Encora's team uses most AWS-native and managed services for development and DevOps activities while independently managing and deploying all applications on AWS. As a result, both sites now deliver superior customer experience and a steady stream of real-time data that powers management decision-making. These new capabilities have accelerated Movoto's growth as a leader in the B2C real estate market.

  • +50 % increase in website traffic
  • +200% conversion rate increase
  • Reduced vulnerability to cyber attacks
  • Improved time-to-market due to less overhead related to build and deployment
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