Simplify Pharmacy Benefit Management 

Custom solutions that increase efficiency, enhance engagement, and ensure compliance 

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Customized Technology Solutions for Pharmacy Benefit Managers 

Encora develops and implements solutions customized for Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) that enhance efficiency through simplified processes.
Encora's industry experts bring decades of experience in the healthcare field and specialized, technical expertise within the PBM domain to better manage their end-to-end process, improve program efficiencies, minimize risk, and enhance patient engagement for better outcomes.
Encora helps Pharmacy Benefit Managers:


Understand the requirements for health benefit exchanges and devise best-in-class workflows for claims, enrollment, and medical management


Better manage the patient and member experience and formulary and benefit plan design


Drive engagements to help build effective strategies for member identification, experience, and retention


Establish and maintain compliance with relevant regulations


Set up operational readiness and retail network management


Meet security standards for protecting personal health data


Develop mail-order pharmacy management


Utilize product evaluation and selection

Patient Portal 

Encora’s Patient Portal makes it easy for providers, payers, and other healthcare organizations to engage with patients more effectively. With a few clicks, patients can access essential functions, including wellness management, health risk assessments, personal health record (PHR), and telemedicine. 

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A system-agnostic patient portal that works with any installed EMR or other software

Increased medication adherence and reconciliation

Customizable patient care reports with notifications

Online bill pay and financial management tools

Mobile-responsive design for tablets and smartphones

Customized, integrated forms

Patient surveys and patient-centered data reporting