Loan Origination 

Improve process efficiency, integrate with 3rd party and custom applications, reduce technology costs, and automate decision making 

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Attract Quality Applicants and Rapidly Decide Who to Approve and on What Terms 

Best-in-class companies streamline the entire process through mobile-enabled, interactive portals, automation of the decision process, and integration of the leading third-party services such as credit scoring, compliance, and document processing.

Encora works with finance companies, from large to small, to assist in the digital transformation of customer-facing applications, integration to 3rd party service providers, rebuilding custom business applications, and providing 24/7 application support.


Support, Integrate & Connect with 3rd-Party Applications 

Even with proven APIs, there are best practices for assuring high reliability. We focus on lending companies and have a framework for rapidly and securely deploying these integrations 

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Secure Client & Dealer Portals 

Our assessment process will identify any issues, present recommendations for remediation, and provide cost estimates to address them 


Integrate with COTS Products such as Salesforce 

We are a certified Salesforce partner with deep experience configuring, integrating, and supporting CRM systems 


Enable Faster & Better Credit Decisions 

Connect to more sources through your secure portal. Remove manual processes with two-way digital applications, documentation, and decisioning, and integrate internal or external decisioning processes/systems 


Modernize Mission-Critical Applications 

We have over 20 years of experience working with financial service companies to help them migrate, support, and modernize high-risk, mission-critical applications