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We help you develop, execute, and profit from innovation in your industry. Our Services enable you to define your strategic innovation roadmap, build capabilities to keep pace with rapidly changing business environments, fast track your development process, and maximize market adoption.


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Market Adoption
  • Experience design for “patient-as-customer”
  • Platform design to support distributed care models (telemedicine, coordinated care across providers and networks)
  • Platform modernization, including electronification of healthcare records
  • Data architecture that supports holistic view of customer (across health conditions and touchpoints), and that captures and shares condition-related data across platforms
  • Test automation to address healthcare regulatory and insurance-related requirements and “corner cases”
  • Learning design for patients and healthcare professionals
  • Enhanced diagnosis methods using machine learning algorithms
  • Capacity management systems (including on-call scheduling, realtime location system, patient transfer capabilities, etc.)
  • AI-powered algorithms to connect patients with the right care provider (doctors, nurses)
  • Mobile application development for patients and care providers
  • Personalized fitness applications and tracking devices