Digital Insurance Operations 

Optimize operations and enhance the customer experience with leading-edge digital solutions that drive profitable growth

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Your Partner in Digital Innovation 

Today’s insurance customers expect insurers to deliver convenient, digital solutions. But for insurers, especially those still using legacy systems, digital innovation may still be slow-going.

Encora brings industry and technical expertise to digitally transform your operations to support rapid digital innovation while also increasing process efficiencies and reducing costs.

Find out how our tools and solutions enhance insurance operations.

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Digital Transformation 

Powerful, intuitive tools and solutions to transform your insurance operations include 


Process Automation 

Powered by machine learning and RPA, Encora solutions utilize rules-based workflows to facilitate decision-making and accelerate end-to-end mission-critical processes 


Legacy Modernization

Update and modify legacy applications with new custom functionality, integrate the environment, and provide ongoing support 



Advanced and predictive analytics deliver real-time insights to enhance customer engagements and discover deeper patterns in customer behavior for informed risk decisions and identify up-sell opportunities 



Mobile-first components increase and enhance customer engagement and drive future growth 


Custom Applications 

Encora’s team of experts customize solutions to fit your needs, equipped with robust tools and best-in-class technology products–on time and within budget. 


User Research

Customize your chat bot to provide advice and support to customers about your products and services, guide them through the process of evaluating products that meet their requirements.

Built for Innovation 

Many of the world’s largest organizations use Appian applications to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk management and compliance.

Appian delivers the capabilities enterprises need to implement integrated, end-to-end processes to achieve value throughout the organization.

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