Why Agile Is Best Suited for Nearshore Software Development

Encora | July 01, 2022

Encora recognizes the vital role that Agile methodologies play in achieving the level of success our clients have come to expect when deploying their software to market.   

Agile Nearshore Software Development is a promising array of “collaborative, cross-functional work in teams within similar time zones.” The rich and layered communication-driven system is a perfect fit for onshore companies to expand their software development team in a customizable way. 

During the 2010s, the “Agile Revolution” captured the development world,  declaring that the future was Agile. After a decade of sharpening the system, Agile should be the expected engine any software development team runs on, distributed or not. 

Agile Engineering = High Interaction 

Agile methodologies like Scrum are rooted in the idea that, if you have a team of engineers, the challenges they face will not be technical in nature, but instead, will be based on how the team communicates when taking on tasks, sprints and creating a high quality software product you can be proud of. 

Adaptability and high performance are more than buzzwords when it comes to software development teams, especially when incorporating off-site engineers. Nearshoring with an Agile approach is cemented on a solid foundation of task management and smart sprints, but mostly keeping  the whole team from PMs, developers and, sometimes, C-level executives constantly in the loop. 


Studying Agile Practices on Nearshore Software Projects 

There is currently no specific methodology custom-designed to provide support in the proper selection of Agile practices for projects with onshore-nearshore features. The software development process may be affected when two teams that are integrating use the same or different Agile/traditional practices, and this situation explodes when the project is already in an advanced state. 

Unlike traditional development, which is sequential, Agile practices are based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve over time as needed by the project.  


Traditional development vs agile development graphic 

There has been an increase in the use of Agile methodologies due to the favorable results obtained, but despite its effectiveness, there are many occasions where these results are not achieved and there is no analysis of compliance with the objectives of the practices.  

To gain more insight into the project’s Agile behavior, we need to continue supervising the application of the selection methodology for all seventeen projects analyzed in this study and reinforce regular follow-up meetings to identify, in its early stages, when an Agile practice is not offering the expected results.  

Also, for new projects, implementation of the selection methodology should be applied from day 1.  


Encora’s Extended Delivery Center Framework 

Through our proprietary Extended Delivery Center (EDC) framework, we seamlessly extend your teams, integrating expert developers into your internal processes, teams, and even your company culture. We partner with you on your product strategy and handle the hiring, training, and agile process management of the delivery team. 

You can enjoy the piece of mind and focus on your software product while we accompany you in constructing the strategy for a successful deployment. 




Key Takeaways 

  • Agile addresses how a software team communicates when taking on tasks, sprints and creating a software product. 
  •  Nearshoring with an Agile approach is cemented on a solid foundation of task management and smart sprints, and keeping the whole team of engineers and business stakeholders on the loop. 
  • Adaptability and high performance are the end goal in Agile software development. 

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