How Technology Companies Use Mediated APIs and Microservices to Renovate Monolithic Applications

Encora | March 11, 2022


Companies are faced with the pressures and challenges to move faster to deliver new value to their customers in order to stay relevant in the market. Agile development methodologies have been widely recognized to contribute to business agility and more recently, DevOps has taken center stage as the need to be “agile” extends all the way to delivery to the end user.

Whether you’re a large enterprise, an independent software vendor (ISV), or a startup, the demand is the same:

Scalable innovation is reality for every business’ survival.

Deliver faster cycles of innovation and enable experimentation, to connect with the outer world and at the same time, scale IT infrastructure on-demand to dynamically respond to your success while avoiding unnecessary costs.

The Difference Between Greenfield and Legacy

For greenfield development projects we have the luxury of starting with a clean slate and creating the most optimal architecture based on modern, scalable design patterns, leveraging APIs, virtualization, microservices and infrastructure-as-code. But, for organizations where core IP is locked away in often tightly-coupled monolithic applications, the first step must be to evaluate their options and “renovate” their existing applications and systems to expose reusable IP that can be leveraged by agile teams in order to meet new customer demands.

A Proven Concept — Renovate to Innovate

Our whitepaper focuses on the advantages of renovating existing technology assets, and highlights best practices and examples of how this can be achieved by leveraging Mediated APIs to expose reusable IP and enable an agile delivery approach that supports innovation. It presents approaches we have successfully deployed on multiple occasions for both mature ISVs and enterprise environments faced with the business imperative to accelerate innovation and leverage their existing assets without disrupting operations of an existing application. In short, we ‘Renovate to Innovate.’

A relevant read for any technology company working through digital transformation to accelerate innovation and improve the customer experience. See below to download, the paper is titled: Renovate to Innovate: How Mediated APIs and Microservices are Helping Technology Companies Expose IP and Deliver Faster Innovation Cycles.

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