Encora Named Among AI Consultancies in Forrester Research Report

Encora | January 12, 2022


Companies looking to partner with an experienced AI service provider need to put Encora at the top of their list. Why? The technology market research firm, Forrester Research recently included Encora among AI consultancies, according to their recent report, Now Tech: AI Consultancies, Q1 2021, which provides an overview of 40 AI Service Providers. Forrester provides syndicated technology analysis suitable for enterprises hoping to leverage AI as a competitive differentiator. In short, they are experts in this industry.

Notably, Forrester crafted a definition for an AI consultancy that directly aligns with Encora’s end-to-end—“End2End”—service model. The Forrester definition follows:

“AI consultancies are service provider firms that bring a holistic approach across people, process, technology, and data science to help enterprises transform with AI-driven systems and experiences for competitive advantage.”

We believe Encora’s inclusion in the Forrester report highlights the company’s experience in AI-based product design. In fact, out of the 40 companies noted in the Forrester report, Encora was one of only two that fall within the product design firms functionality segment. Let’s take a closer look at how this specific capability makes us the perfect partner for your organization’s next AI project.

Why Product Design Experience Matters When Choosing an AI Consultancy

While a transformative technology innovation, AI by itself offers little benefit to any business. It needs to be embedded within a product, service or customer experience to truly add value to the enterprise. In our opinion, this fact is the major reason Forrester’s inclusion of Encora in the product design firms segment is so important to companies looking to initiate their first AI project.

The Forrester report explains the concept of product design firms in more detail:

“Product companies and enterprises turn to product design firms to develop standalone products and services to create new value propositions. In the case of product companies, product design firms will augment engineering and development workbenches or take on responsibility for product features. In the case of enterprises, product design firms will co-design, develop, and deploy new products and services.”

Projects leveraging AI to solve a business problem require an informed approach provided by a skilled and experienced consultancy, like Encora. We boast extensive experience in data science to help companies glean actionable information and create new customer experiences from their data. Our background also includes data engineering projects to support machine learning and AI, and bring them into full production.

We also provide the data assessment and management skills to help curate and prepare the project data. After all, training machine learning models becomes difficult without the correct data and metadata. Our data management ensures your company’s product seamlessly interacts with both historical data and anything yet to be generated by customer transactions or other engagement channels.

Importantly, our software engineering skills are wide-ranging; with experience in the latest methodologies to ensure an efficient and effective process that ultimately results in a successful outcome. As a valued partner, we work with your company’s business and technical resources to foster a true sense of collaboration. In short, we know how to make technical projects succeed.

Encora Provides True End2End Software Development Services

Encora’s End2End software engineering practice remains a unique approach in the industry. Companies just beginning to explore AI-based projects require an experienced hand; one that won’t abandon them after initial product delivery. We think the Forrester report highlights the value within this approach:

“Consider the breadth of services and expertise in context of your existing talent resources, technology underpinning, and business case complexity. For firms getting started, partnering with an AI consultancy for end-to-end help can accelerate them past pitfalls (technology, governance, training, and change management) while also leading to a more substantial business impact. However, firms with existing strengths will want to find a partner that can rapidly deploy resources and expertise as needed.”

Notably, Encora offers both End2End support for companies new to AI, as well as augmenting an enterprise’s existing data science resources. This means, in addition to AI solution development, Encora offers data management services specific to assessing, curating and preparing data for AI.

Our strengths align with your company’s needs, no matter how complex or long-term. Our approach involves lowering your risk, delivering an exceptional solution, and helping you support it in the future. Expect an efficient and successful project, ultimately reducing the time-to-market for your company’s AI-based product.

Strategies for Choosing the Right AI Consultancy for Your Company

When comparing different types of AI consultancies before choosing a partner, your company needs to take a thorough approach. It’s important to choose an AI partner with the right expertise, in other words, the skill sets needed for successful development and implementation for your AI initiatives.

If you are still unsure about the best practices for choosing an AI vendor, Encora crafted an eBook to help your decision-making process. Follow our detailed process, honed by real-world experience on a variety of successful AI-based projects. Simply download the eBook at the following link.

In the end, truly taking advantage of the transformational impact of AI requires partnering with an experienced consultancy. Connect with us soon.

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