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We help you develop, execute, and profit from innovation in your industry. Our Services enable you to define your strategic innovation roadmap, build capabilities to keep pace with rapidly changing business environments, fast track your development process, and maximize market adoption.


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Market Adoption
  • IoT data & edge compute data solutions
  • Data encryption & secure authentication solutions
  • Operations Support Systems (OSS) for network management, fault management, security management & billing management
  • Network performance monitoring solutions
  • API Integrations with existing software solutions, integrations with cloud communications platforms
  • Network management applications for on-site and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Network configuration & provisioning software
  • VoIP solutions engineering. Hot-swap and high availability solutions
  • Platform modernization: monolith to microservices architecture
  • Application & network penetration testing
  • Fraud management solutions
  • Mobility solutions & testing automation

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Encora’s EDC methodology quickly enhanced low-efficiency legacy product engineering processes, ...

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