Get Ahead of the Competition with Encora's Nearshore Software Development and Agile Delivery

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Organizations often struggle to source and recruit software engineering teams that deliver on strategic requirements. Encora’s Agile Delivery is the solution that addresses this need directly: we offer high-performance, tailor-made Agile software development teams.

Maximize Performance With Encora’s Approach to Agile Software Development

The accelerated rate of software engineering’s evolution necessitates a rapid software creation model that prioritizes continuous improvement and can swiftly pivot to meet changing demands.

Encora’s Nearshore Agile Delivery Model Offers:

Team communication and collaboration in real time, in your time zone

Team leads who provide visibility beyond their participation in daily Agile ceremonies

Metrics-driven governance using KPIs to constantly monitor team performance

Co-ownership and Transparency. We share the responsibility of meeting your objectives and are committed to delivering maximum effectiveness

The Benefits of Encora’s Proprietary Agile Delivery

Although Agile Software Development’s foundation is the implementation of its principles, it is the management of the entire software lifecycle that determines its efficacy.

Why do fast-growing tech companies trust Encora with the full product development lifecycle?

  • Seamless Recruitment Process

    Our People & Culture team provides full-time assistance with targeted sourcing, technical screening, functional/process screening, and client validation to ensure that we are setting you up with a team best suited to your needs. They also ensure your highly-skilled team receives ongoing technical & compliance training
  • Enhanced Engineering Performance

    Our robust operational framework and mature governance model enable us to communicate frequently and quickly implement your requests. This integration with your team fosters true partnership and joint ownership
  • Continuous Improvement

    Our metrics-based execution and KPIs are the foundation of our Agile Delivery framework, facilitating decision-making for the constant enhancement of development team performance
  • Comprehensive and Convenient Delivery

    In addition to all Nearshore advantages, our Agile Delivery model covers all administration aspects, such as our Agile teams in LatAm’s full legal compliance in their respective countries
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Encora’s Technology Practices

Encora has a long record of delivering Agile Software Development and Product Engineering Services to a broad spectrum of tech-enabled industries. Our experience with various disciplines, tools, and technologies is the fundamental reason why clients choose us over other alternatives.

Product Management

Product Engineering

Platform modernization

Quality engineering


Digital Experience

Data Science and Engineering

Cloud Services

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Encora’s Nearshore Delivery Footprint

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Why Nearshore in Latin America?


LatAm nearshore talent ranks high in IP protection


Well-established democracies offer political and economic stability

Time Zone

Matching work hours enable easier communication and collaboration


LatAm talent is just a short flight from the U.S. and Canada


Developers and engineers in LatAm have high levels of fluency in English

Business Culture

LatAm shares the business culture norms of the U.S. and Canada

About Encora

Encora is a digital engineering services company specializing in next-generation software and digital product development. Fast-Growing Tech organizations trust Encora to lead the entire Product Development Lifecycle because of our expertise in translating our clients’ strategic innovation roadmap into differentiated capabilities and accelerated bottom-line impacts. 

Optimize for Nearshore Agile Delivery

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