Encora Nearshore

Leverage the advantages of geostrategic
remote collaboration

For over 25 years, Encora has successfully provided seamless remote collaboration for all kinds of teams and projects, delivering first-rate development solutions. Our proven track record and far-reaching experience working with distributed teams is a key competitive advantage that augments your software operation. Virtualizing the workforce is something we’ve been doing for a long time: providing smooth remote collaboration is in our DNA. We deliver dependable tech talent to help you capitalize on opportunities.

A successful secure technology alliance can only be forged with a trusted, agile, and experienced ally who can provide sustained, reliable services to deliver predictable outcomes no matter the circumstances.

Encora should be your strategic nearshore partner because:

  • Not only do we provide business continuity, but we enhance your tech operation
  • Our proximity and affinity with the U.S have always aligned our workforce, culture, practices, and thinking
  • Our remote and distributed operating model has always been able to provide a highly connected and smooth collaboration with your teams

How can Encora’s nearshore technology professionals augment your software development productivity?

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What You Get

The security of our partner’s tech operation always takes precedence, particularly when it comes to:

  • Significant savings and increased flexibility in comparison with the local workforce
  • On par productivity
  • Collaboration in the same time zone
  • Transparent and timely communication in fluent English
  • Agile methodologies
  • Proven infrastructure and systems to optimally support distributed teams
    • Reliable connectivity
    • Video conference software
    • Network security high-standards
  • Consistent tech services no matter the global circumstances
  • Years of experience providing remote support for all kinds of clients

Why Encora Dominates the Nearshore Delivery Space

  • We’re advocates of Agile Methodology. Why? For the following crucial reasons:
    • Agile provides visibility and transparency
    • Agile improves adaptability
    • Agile ensures business value
    • Agile reduces risks by identifying and mitigating issues early on in the development process
  • We are software development pioneers with over 25 years of experience
  • A solid recruitment and onboarding process
  • Our employees enjoy the benefits of continuous education, a corporate commitment to career path opportunities, healthcare and wellness programs, recognition programs, and more

We’re enthusiastic about providing continuous education and training for our staff. Whenever a new, relevant technology emerges or an existing technology evolves, we research, explore, and experiment with it. This guarantees the necessary expertise to effectively deliver projects.

Encora culture is all about exploration, experimentation, creativity, and innovation. Everyone we hire - from administration to software engineering - knows we’re a company that pushes boundaries, solves problems, and delivers.

Our organizational climate surveys speak for themselves: our collaborators have expressed a 98% overall satisfaction with our 7 development centers.

Our Advantage:

  • Increased productivity is driven by concise definitions in quality-oriented processes
  • U.S-aligned time-zones; provides maximum overlap with your team’s working hours
  • Frictionless communication; English language proficiency
  • Geographical proximity
  • Enhanced communication thanks to face-to-face interaction, chats, power meetings, and the like, making it easier to convey ideas

U.S Culture for Business

The security of our partner’s tech operation always takes precedence, particularly when it comes to:

Intellectual Property

We are dedicated to protecting and guaranteeing IP and IP ownership. Since our headquarters are located in Silicon Valley, we adhere to U.S IP protection laws. Strong clauses are included in all our contracts so at the end of the day, there is no question your IP belongs to you.

Business Law

Since Encora is headquartered in the U.S, we are bound by the same strict regulations as any other U.S company, but our nearshore status also allows us to provide other types of flexibility.


Our contracts include strong NDA agreements as well as powerful liability insurance, protecting both the client and the service provider.


Our engineering centers are located in countries with strict labor laws that ensure fair wages and safe working conditions.

Encora’s Quality Commitment

Encora is committed to delivering quality in all remote collaborations. We define quality thresholds for all projects and releases based on industry standards. If we determine that, for any reason, a product is not meeting these standards and is drawing close to the specified threshold, our organization aligns as a whole and takes appropriate action. As a result, nearshore powered by Encora’s relentless pursuit of quality ensures excellence in all your projects and guarantees that your goals are met on time and on budget.

How can Encora’s nearshore advantage upgrade your tech business?

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Latin American Nearshore: Why it Works

The tech skill gap in the U.S is constantly increasing and it can be challenging for companies to find the necessary resources to fill software and IT positions. More often than not, when resources can be found, they are exceedingly expensive, especially for small businesses or larger scale firms that require high numbers of people.

How can Encora’s nearshore advantage upgrade your tech business?

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Tech has exploded in Latin America over the last decade making it an increasingly attractive option for software development because:

  • The region is now filling the gap in the North American workforce, becoming the ideal solution for companies looking for experienced, cost-effective, and high-performance tech talent
  • The selective recruitment and internal vetting processes in Encora’s development centers across Latin America provide a strategic advantage that will enhance your tech operation and up-level your business
  • The countries we operate in - Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Perú - are known for their economic growth, political stability, their abundance of qualified human talent, and their geostrategic location
  • We specifically chose to open our most recent development center in Cali, Colombia, because of the city’s prosperity and stability as well as the dynamic diversity of its economical structure

How can Encora’s nearshore advantage upgrade your tech business?

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