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Discover how our Agile as a Service can optimize your product management cycle and accelerate your ROI with Agile best practices


Reach Business Objectives Through Aligned Agile Best Practices

Leverage an Agile mindset that permeates the complete software development life cycle. Ensure product development and implementation are optimized and high-performing with a real Agile vision.


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Agile Consulting

Get expert consultative assistance to pinpoint critical areas of improvement, develop an iterative implementation roadmap, and execute the implementation plan


Agile Assessment

Harness the benefits of a staged consultative process to perform a full diagnosis of the current state of your business and identify key areas for improvement


Agile Auditing

Measure the maturity level of Agile practices, best practices and patterns, and the effectiveness of the inspect and adapt cycles in your organization with an Agile audit that leverages a Gemba approach


Agile Framework Implementation

Gain access to consolidated knowledge encompassing over 9 Agile frameworks, ranging from foundational to scalable ones. Identify the optimal approach for implementing and maturing the Agile practice within your organization


Agile Delivery Management

Access proven management processes and robust delivery practices to combine an execution focus with customer-centricity. Accelerate your time to market, enhance quality, and ensure transparency through comprehensive metrics that effectively gauge organizational success in delivering business value


Agile Team Professionals

Work with experienced professionals who excel in executing specific Agile roles within teams, seamlessly implementing industry best practices and patterns. Encora's Agile toolkit, complete with templates, guidelines, and tools, elevates the adoption of effective Agile practices

Learning Hub

Agile Learning Hub

Explore Agile frameworks, techniques, and best practices through the Agile Learning Hub, where you'll find a wide range of trainings and workshops. This resource empowers you to enhance your understanding and application of Agile methodologies

Improve Project Productivity, Maintainability, and Visibility with Agile Expertise

Encora’s proven methodologies measure a current Agile implementation’s maturity, helping clients improve their Agile maturity through a robust audit framework. By combining our Agile expertise with our audit framework, we can help you implement a continuous improvement process that drives efficiency and productivity.

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Reach the Next Level of Agility

Identify crucial areas of improvement, access an iterative implementation roadmap, and effectively execute an Agile implementation plan with staged consulting processes

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Get access to a comprehensive Agile diagnosis encompassing shadowing team meetings, reviewing documentation and tools currently in use, and performing an Agile Maturity diagnosis

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Leverage a dynamic roadmap that guides the enhancement of areas for improvement in preceding phases, fostering an interactive and collaborative approach

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Engage in close collaboration with teams to execute and guarantee the success of the improvement plan. Embrace iterative improvement cycles to consistently inspect, adapt, and enhance outcomes

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  • Can Encora help our organization with Agile implementations?

    Yes, Encora excels in leading Agile implementations from scratch or enhancing existing processes from various perspectives. Additionally, we can assist you in identifying the most suitable framework for your requirements or defining a tailored approach to maximize the value you can achieve.

  • How does Encora contribute to the adoption of Agile practices? 

    Encora conducts a thorough situational analysis of your organization, enabling us to identify the optimal strategy for each unique case. We then execute the appropriate activities to facilitate the adoption of an agile mindset.

  • How can I know the Agile maturity level of my current practices? 

    Encora uses an in-house proven instrument to assess the maturity of your current Agile implementation and evaluate the quality of the practices executed by your teams on a daily basis. Our evaluation generates informative charts that visually depict the categorized information. Additionally, we provide a roadmap to help you reach the next level of agility.

  • Can Encora train my teams so we can reach the next level of Agile maturity?

    Yes, Encora's Learning Hub provides comprehensive training, workshops, and SAFe certifications to empower your teams with the necessary knowledge to elevate the execution of Agile practices.

  • Does Encora exclusively operate within the Agile roles/teams layer?

    No, Encora adopts a holistic approach to Agile services, spanning the entire value chain from project portfolio definition to product discovery, development, and implementation.

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