Vendor Transition

Encora’s governance expertise makes shifting vendors a structured, successful, and smooth experience.

We’re keenly aware there may come a moment when an organization faces the need to switch vendors for their tech operation. Outsourcing is a well-established practice in the global technology market and it’s a certified way to lower costs and to maximize business. However, a point may be reached when the value provided by an outsourced vendor is not optimal - they may not be able to keep up with your need to improve/transform your operation; perhaps you’re looking to leverage better methods or processes in a shifting outsourcing market; maybe your company wants to reduce vendor costs; or, unfortunately, there has been a breach of contract. Whatever the reason, on many occasions the best way forward is a new and improved vendor solution.

Although the effective and tactful handling of the many variables involved in changing vendors may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. This is where Encora can help.

Be it shifting to a completely new vendor, coordinating a new management scheme, or wanting to consolidate your vendor operation, Encora brings curated industry know-how and experience to ensure everything goes smoothly for your organization.

What are you missing out on with your current development partner?

What you gain

These are just some of the benefits you reap when transitioning vendors with us by your side:

  • In-depth analysis and diagnosis that results in improved visibility of your operation’s technology ecosystem. With a clearer overview, you’ll have a better understanding of your operational technology systems, third-party dependencies, infrastructure and management costs, and more.
  • Enhanced vendor performance, measured with our set of governance and productivity metrics.
  • Improved alignment between your company’s business strategies and technology. Our team helps you discern how technology supports your business vision, letting you know what needs to be adjusted for optimal performance, and making suggestions that will lead to an increase in commercial value.

Our Vendor
Transition Process


Discovery Blueprint

We gather all the necessary information for a thorough assessment of your operation’s current status; this usually implies on-site visits and face-to-face meetings but can also be done virtually. Namely, we set up meetings with relevant stakeholders, explore your organization’s pain-points, read all pertinent documentation, examine your infrastructure, discuss management / development / delivery / release processes, etc. Afterward, based on our findings, we present an effective plan to achieve your company’s vendor transition objectives. This includes defining a roadmap, determining the new team’s structure, and writing up an architecture diagnosis document.


Knowledge Transfer

This is an adaptation period where information is transferred from the old vendor to the new. Project documentation, access to source code, assets, development/production environments, and deployment/management procedures are some of the aspects involved in this stage. Generally, this is executed by the core team that participated in the discovery phase, guaranteeing continuity, and allowing accrued knowledge to be capitalized upon throughout the entire transition process.


Team Ramp-up

The new team, defined during discovery, takes charge of all on-going development and maintenance efforts. The core team - those who went through the knowledge transfer - ramp up the new team members based on the established roadmap, using artifacts and processes defined during stage two. This continues until dependency on the old vendor team is eliminated and the new team flies solo, taking over completely.

Our Transition Governance

Encora’s transition governance ensures the proper execution of the above transition process, making sure it is aligned with the client’s business objectives. It is not executed in isolation, but within a hierarchy of governance structures operating at the following two levels:


  • Alignment of strategic business goals with the established transition plan
  • Risk management control
  • Management of vendor relationships, performance, and resources
  • Management of the overall scope
This is led by the Steering Committee, who is in charge of:
  • Collaborating with customer-centric leadership
  • Establishing programs, goals, budget, constraints, and resource allocation
  • Reviewing, evaluating, and adjusting the plan as required


  • Transition plan execution
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Risk and opportunity identification
  • Management of team performance and resources
  • Reports, metrics, and escalations
This is presided by the Process Team:
  • The technical team responsible for executing the plan
  • Possess a deep understanding of the business’ goals, combining this with technological know-how and expertise in tools and processes

Governance Enviroment

Customer Sponsor

Strategic - Steering Comittee
Sales Rep
Customer Managment Team
Operational - Process Team
PProj. Mgr
Tech Leads
Customer Product Owner
Tech Staff





Why Work
With Encora?

Some of what we bring to the table includes:

  • An experienced transition governance team structure that helps guarantee a successful transition
  • A global pool of experienced resources in all major areas of technology
  • Application of a systematic and proven approach that ensures a smooth transition and knowledge transfer

Encora’s Quality Guarantee

We know vendor transitions can vary greatly depending on the needs of an organization and can prove to be a challenge. This is why we’re here! Since we entered the technology market over 25 years ago, Encora has accumulated ample experience to provide the security you need and to ensure your vendor shift goes smoothly. After having helped clients change vendors, we know exactly what to do to make sure you get the best value out of your vendor solution and we’re here to help you optimize your tech operation. Take the first step towards a successful vendor transition today!

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