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In this eBook, Encora delves into the business value of mobile testing, explores essential test types, and sums up a proven testing methodology for a fully tested app. After testing applications for over 10 years, Encora has clearly seen the evolution of mobile technology: consumers are becoming savier because they spend more time on their phones than ever before, therefore, they expect optimal performance from their apps; anything less and an app is deleted. The only way to ensure an app’s success in the mobile tech market is to make quality assurance a priority and provide flawless applications.


In this Free eBook

You will discover:

  • The significance of a user-centered focus

  • The phases of a UX design and development process:
    1. Discovery & Exploration
    2. Creating
    3. Testing
    4. Launch

  • · Essential elements
  • The value user-centered products bring to a business

Your users lead the way.

Before going into creating a product and focusing on what you will be designing and developing, you first need to consider why you are creating it and for whom. 

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