Create an Unforgettable User Experience with Encora's UX Services

Improve User Engagement and Business Performance with Encora’s Customized UX Solutions

Service Models

Experience the Benefits of UX Services with Encora's Customized Solutions

To ensure the success of your digital product, Encora provides the flexibility of three different service models that adapt to your expectations


Experience Design Projects

Since every project has different needs and objectives, Encora provides the option of personalized service packages that adapt to your budget, time, and requirements.

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Design Skills Services

Gain scalability, efficiency, and speed by incorporating specialized talent into your business' internal team. You can focus on fast-tracking your projects while we take care of the hiring and selection process for you.

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On-Demand Design Services

Our demand-based services provide quick solutions to your project’s specific requirements, enabling you to choose and pay for what you need. Furthermore, our team of highly qualified UI/UX professionals manages the entire process for you, delivering optimal products that meet your needs.

Leverage Encora’s industry-leading UI/UX innovation and maximize market adoption


Tell Us Your Needs

Our work methodology enables us to address projects of any kind, size, or complexity

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Understand your potential users

  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Co-creation sessions
  • User personas
  • Empathy Maps
  • Surveys
  • Affinity diagrams
  • Card Sorting

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Identify and exploit your product’s features

  • Usability testing
  • Benchmark
  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Journey
  • A/B Testing, Blueprint

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Synthesize, analyze, and leverage your product’s data

  • Brainstorming
  • UX Writing
  • User Scenarios
  • Prototyping
  • Information architecture
  • User Stories
  • Story mapping

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Design innovative and engaging User Interfaces

  • UI Design
  • General Graphic Design
  • Full Stack Design Systems
  • UI Quality Control
  • UI Engineering

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Our experts assess all aspects of your current product and analyze its performance, implementing any (or all) of the above to determine key improvements and enhance user experience

Let’s team up

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Deliver Unique Value

Understand each stage of your product and identify your needs efficiently. Encora helps you build innovative solutions and evolve at the pace your business requires. We provide a solution for every design need.

Our work methodology enables us to engage with projects of any size, duration, or maturity. From landing your product idea and validating it to building the final solution, or simply a one-off short-term project for which you need immediate help and a rapid solution.

Encora’s highly qualified teams adapt to your business needs. We allocate professionals that best suit your needs, ensuring you meet your design and innovation goals.

Trusted by

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Why Encora?

Encora’s proprietary methodology and frameworks deliver unique value

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Multiple industries

HealthTech, FinTech, EdTech, Digital Commerce, Telecom, Cybersecurity, and more

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Industry standard UI/UX Tools

Figma, Skatch, Miro, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite

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20 years

Of experience in the market

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Multi Platform

Design for multiple platforms, devices, and environments

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Specialized talent

UX Designers, UI Designers, Product Designers, Service Designers

Leverage Encora’s industry-leading UI/UX innovation and maximize market adoption

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