Portfolio Re-Balancing Solution
Encora’s TotalRebal Portfolio
Re-Balancing Solution 

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A State-of-the-Art Financial Services Solution 

Encora's portfolio rebalancing solutions work in unison with the portfolio management system to automate rebalancing tasks and contribute to modernization by shifting away from proprietary technology stacks and towards a cloud-based solution.

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Key Features 

Through its streamlined API, the re-balancer takes inputs such as models, accounts, positions and security prices from a portfolio management system and returns the necessary buy/sell trades automatically according to the model’s strategy. Encora’s Solution Offers:  


Modular Design


Elimination of Unwanted Complexity


Model Management


Security Set Maintenance


Data Import


Trade Output (Creation of Buy/Sell Trades)


Trade Rule Maintenance


Trade Decision Log

Key Highlights 

Get a cloud-based, affordable, high-performance platform that provides portfolio rebalancing as a service (RaaS)

Automate the rebalance function, eliminating manual and spreadsheet centric labor

Leverage a fully integrated REST API using JSON formatted messages to create buy/sell trades automatically according to predefined model strategies

Support model management at model and asset group levels, as well as maintenance of security sets and trade rules

When combined with Encora’s portfolio management solution, eliminates the need of having to piece together disparate functions from multiple vendors into a single turn-key solution

Support customized system settings/preferences at firm and portfolio levels

Supports the ability to tie in a preferred portfolio management solution with the rebalancer’s modular design