The LendTech industry is disrupting traditional banking by servicing increased demand for credit through the use of leading-edge technologies.

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We help you develop, execute, and profit from innovation in your industry. Our Services enable you to define your strategic innovation roadmap, build capabilities to keep pace with rapidly changing business environments, fast track your development process, and maximize market adoption.


New Experiences


Modern Capabilities


Agile Innovation


Market Adoption
  • Self-service credit concierge experiences
  • Blockchain-based smart contracts for loan agreements
  • Dynamic credit pricing product design
  • Dynamic data services for realtime credit approvals
  • “Unstructured” data repository (HDFS, Data Lake, etc.) to support credit & risk management
  • Next-generation risk management & underwriting
  • Self-learning neural networks for micro-segmentation and portfolio scoring
  • Mobile-first UI/UX for consumer apps
  • Active credit management services

Client Success Stories



In the 10 years following the Great Recession, American households have migrated from being net savers to net borrowers.

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