How a UX Designer Can Impact the Quality of Your Product and Business

Paulette Fernandez | January 21, 2019

What do the top mobile apps in the US market have in common?

The answer is simple.

Great User Experience.

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User Experience (UX) has a long history of contributing to the success of new brands. UX helps products build a value proposition fit to their market.

Brands like Amazon, Google and Airbnb have been able to learn directly from their customers by continuously conducting user research. Talking to and watching their customers use their products has helped them to continuously innovate and stand out from the crowd.

UX designers are professional problem solvers!

They are truly committed in turning the most tangled mess into solutions that matter to users.

For starters, here are six benefits you can expect by having a UX designer in your team,

    • Increased Conversion Rates
    • Qualitative Data from Research
    • Usability Testing
    • Validated UI Solutions
    • Team Collaboration
  • Agility

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Having a UX Designer on Board is a Profitable Business Strategy

Full Product Potential

Through research UX Designers get a clear understanding of how the user interacts with a product. They can learn about their behaviors, needs, and motivations. This insights will help to create solutions of how the product can be shaped into something people will want to pay for.

At its core, innovation happens as a result of solving the most fundamental problems. You can learn what these are by listening to your users and watching how they experience your products.

A Collaborative Process

Design is all about the people, and that includes the people they work with. The UX process easily adapts to the Agile methodology. It uses an iterative process to get feedback from users and deliver design requirements to development.

UX designers must build a close relationship with the development team, including Product Owners and Project Managers, even if they work remotely. Tools like prototypes and user flows become very useful to sync up with the team about the current state of the project.

Proper User Research Reduces Development Time

It’s been proven that UX can reduce the time developers need to do re-work by up to 50%.  This results in releasing on time and significantly reduce overall costs.  This is even more true if user research is done from the start. UX designers can easily test ideas with low-cost prototypes and learn problems from the user’s perspective even before implementation.

In fact, correcting a problem found during development can cost 10 times more than fixing that same problem during the design cycle.  If the product has been released it costs a 100 times more.

A Good Business Decision

In my years of experience I've had the opportunity of working with very talented and inspiring designers. They bring value to the business through their work and their impact on the team.

I've also learned that,

A good UX designer is an effective communicator.

This skill is essential when presenting insights and UI solutions to the team. This helps create empathy towards the end-user. It invites developers to suggest any ideas and spot technical limitations.

A great designer gets everyone on board.

They can bring the best ideas to life through collaboration between users and the product team. It helps them explore new opportunities, identify limitations, and make sure solutions can be built as planned.

An exceptional UX designer brings business and people together

Having a UX Designer as an integral part of your team leads to optimal product strategies. It makes your value proposition different from your competition.

I Get It, What's Next?

Step inside Nearsoft and meet the rest of the UX Team. We have a good track record of helping companies design and develop successful products.

Drop me a line at with any questions you might have.

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