QA Testing for Custom Software Development

Market demands are constantly changing with the rapid evolution of
digital technology. As a result, you must ensure the products and services
you provide are reliable, secure, and up-to-date with emerging industry
standards and are backed by certifications.


Deep Experience in Quality Engineering for Your Team

Clients like you trust us to deliver premium quality software development by enhancing their teams with Encora’s Software Engineers in Testing


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Are you looking for excellence in QA Engineering Services? The depth of our QA Services comes from the diversity of software products we have tested, with diverse techniques, and across multiple industries. They include Manual Testing and QA Automation for the Healthcare, Mining, Travel and Hospitality, Transportation, and Wellness industries.

Your QA Team at Encora will be recruited with very high technical proficiency, as well as a special consideration for their soft skills. We believe the following capabilities are essential in a great software testing team:

Testing Is Based on Discovery

To provide the best for your business and your product, we expect access to your process through your team so we can have a good understanding of what you do. This way, we will know how to insert QA processes to help your product development and collaborate to create great things. The full scope of testing, from mobile applications to web services is part of our tech expertise. Your QA team will be knowledgeable in these types of testing:

QA as a Managed Service

QA as a Managed Service

When you are in need of sophisticated high-volume testing, we got you covered. Our QA As a Managed Service Operations are specialized delivery centers focused on repeatable, high-value business operations designed to scale directly to your needs.

I need high-volume testing!

Benefits of QA as a Managed Service

Here is a list of the benefits delivered to you:

Leverage Remote Teams in Your Timezone to Accelerate Your Path to Market Leadership

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