Industry Context

Significant growth in the Healthcare industry, bolstered by new technical capabilities and pandemic-induced requirements for remote case solutions, has demonstrated the need for mobile/wireless medical tech systems that can provide ‘anytime, anywhere’ services. Additionally, the acquisition of innovators by larger incumbents and unprecedented capital investments have elevated expectations and requirements for growth within an increasingly competitive landscape. In view of this, medical businesses aim to target significant synergies driven by cross-selling opportunities, geographical expansion, and portfolio innovation. 

Biotelemetry Industry-Context

Client Challenge

The client is a leading HealthTech company in the mobile and wireless medical technology industry. The organization is expected to grow double-digits and improve its Adjusted EBITA margin to more than 20% by 2025. With the strategic opportunity to enter as a provider for its parent company, the client recognized the need to adapt and evolve its product offering. It was imperative to integrate its business processes as well as become compliant with internal and external policies, regulations, and laws. 

Biotelemetry Client-Challenge

AWS Solution

The opportunity for the client to migrate its on-premise platforms to the cloud came when the company made the strategic decision to expand their services to the European Union. Compliance for the EU requires all data to be hosted in the EU, and since establishing a data center in Europe was not an option for the client, AWS was its preferred choice. Amazon cloud computing resources are hosted in multiple locations worldwide. Therefore, the organization built a new environment using AWS’ EU region, triggering the cloud migration of their domestic environment. 

AWS services were used to do a lift and shift migration. Encora’s team created a new infrastructure on AWS while maintaining the source code as close to the original as possible. During the second phase of the project, the code will be updated to include more AWS services. 

Biotelemetry - AWS Solution

Encora’s Approach

The client partnered with Encora to design its core offering based on insights into the evolving competitive landscape. 

  • Product Engineering & Development: Designed and implemented POC and MVP with an innovation-driven experimentation mindset, iterating often based on new insights 
  • Test Automation: Introduced automation as a discipline and grew to support high code coverage and extensive usage of Test Automation in several layers to guarantee performance and quality 
  • DevOps Continuous Engineering: Refreshened the infrastructure to support a new release strategy, blue/green deployment, delivering shorter time to production and zero downtime releases 
  • Cloud Enablement: Moved from on-premises to AWS and modernized portfolio using Cloud-first 
  • Platform Modernization: Architected a secure and scalable platform, and subsequently migrated from public to private cloud 
Biotelemetry - Encoras approach

Primary AWS Services

Encora engineers use the following primary services:

Amazon VPC (1) Amazon RDS (1)-2 Amazon FsX Amazon EC2-2 Amazon S3 Amazon ELB (1)

AWS-Enabled Benefits

AWS enabled the client to build and maintain an environment hosted in the EU, and enabled the company to manage and scale their environment. 

Biotelemetry AWS-Enabled-Benefits

AWS-Enabled Outcomes

AWS brought the following results:  

  • Enhanced capacity to deliver more features 
  • Reduced the time required for new projects to be released into production 
  • Increase in the number of delivered features:  
    • MID Project: 52% increase 
    • Geneva Project: 379% increase 
  • The time to ramp up new projects/teams decreased from 6 months to less than 2 months 
Biotelemetry AWS-Enabled-Outcomes