Industry Context

The implementation of digital technology solutions has become imperative for healthcare providers. Offering ways to connect remotely with patients is essential to providing immediate, on-demand, and long-term healthcare. Healthcare organizations are developing, deploying and leveraging custom-built solutions to provide medical support to patients while also offering an optimal user experience  

Industry Context

Client Challenge

Supported by a digital product that connects physicians and patients the company was looking to quickly modernize its digital product, going from an MVP solution to a production-grade solution. Furthermore, it required digitally transformed processes that live detached from the rest of the solution and improve customer experience. 

They needed cost-effective cloud platform services that enable rapid development and provide services aligned with HIPAA-compliant healthcare sector requirements while enabling future scalability and resilience. 


Client Challenge

Key elements present in the solution architecture include: 

  • A GraphQL API implemented on AWS Lambda functions 
  • AWS S3 is the central storage for most documents, pictures, and other files related to the application and users 
  • Application data resides on the database layer powered by Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 PostgreSQL 
  • API gateways deliver a layer of security together with JWT tokens which authenticate, restrict, and control access to resources such as APIs and resources stored in S3 
  • Amazon Cognito provides further control over user access, sign-up, and sign-in 
  • Amazon CloudWatch acts as the centerpiece for debugging, receiving all log information from AWS Lambda functions responsible for business logic and periodic workload execution 
  • AWS CloudTrail enables the auditing of user activities 
  • SMS and push notifications are powered by SNS/SES and Amazon Pinpoint 
  • The automated provisioning of different deployment environments is powered by AWS Cloud Formation, which handles Infrastructure as Code 

AWS Solution 

The product requirements were related to functionality, security, scalability, ease of use, troubleshooting, HIPAA compliance, and fast-paced delivery cycles. AWS offers extensive services to development teams that facilitate and address most of the required characteristics. 

To cover all aspects of the company's business needs, the solution needed to be comprised of two main components:  

  1. Mobile App – The main product must foster customer trust and provide a great user experience
  2. Web App – The web app needed to cover operational and administrative tasks for physicians and other personnel 

AWS capabilities provided the building blocks and were extensively used on the backend, while React Native was used on the frontend.  


Encora’s Approach

To deliver the optimal solution, Encora used multiple AWS services to implement both the patient app and the web app for coaches, meeting all product requirements and paving the way for future evolutions. 

  • Platform ModernizationEncora modernized an existing application using a state-of-the-art architecture and technology stack based on the capabilities of AWS cloud services 
  • Product Management – Encora guaranteed that all pieces of AWS services relevant to the project were used cost-effectively, considering implementation velocity and completeness of offering 
  • Digital Experience - Encora co-designed the products’ user experience as well as architected and advised on the best way forward in terms of AWS technologies that would provide a cost-effective solution for the client 
Encoras Approach

Primary AWS Services

Encora’s engineers used the following primary services:

GraphQL 1-2 Group 4 (2)-3 Amazon S3 1 (1)-3 Amazon Aurora 1-2 PostgreSQL 1-1 AWS Cognito-3 Amazon Cloudwatch 2-1 AWS CloudTrail 1-1 AWS Cloud Formation-3 Amazon Pinpoint 1-1 Amazon SNS 1-1 Amazon SES (1)-1

AWS-Enabled Benefits

AWS brought the following advantages: 

  • Go-to-market agility enabled by AWS services 
  • Ease of deployment and operation without the need to host any infrastructure 
  • The automated provisioning of environments allowed for greater team productivity and infrastructure reproducibility, speeding up the processes of application debugging, testing, and deployment 
  • Facilitated compliance in a highly regulated industry  
  • Digitally transformed operations and revamped telemedicine solution 
AWS Enabled Benefits

AWS-Enabled Outcomes

  • The application was entirely rewritten using AWS Services for the backend solution and React Native for the frontend. Dozens of processes were migrated to the platform for a consistent and enhanced user experience, enabling a data-driven approach.
  • The AWS-based digital transformation delivered a revamped telemedicine solution. This central piece for most workflow processes had previously been handled separately, leading to disjointed information. Convergence greatly enhanced the product’s customer experience. In addition, Encora’s development practices and AWS expertise, as well as the synergy with the client's leadership, helped to address requirements and issues promptly. 
AWS Enabled Outcomes