Senior NodeJs Developer

Professional focused on supporting the architecture, design and development of solutions using NodeJs technologies.

Senior NodeJs Developer

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Their duties and responsibilities include developing back-end components and supporting the front-end developers by connecting and integrating their work with the Node.js application.

Job Description

  • Collaborate in the definition of architecture and its implementation.
  • Collaborate in the definition of the project plan identifying functional tasks and dimensioning them.
  • Collaborate in the deployment of the product or components developed.
  • Collaborate in the assembly of proposals identifying tasks of functional requirements (development or QA).
  • Review and participate in the test plan creation in order to ensure the correct functioning of the developed components.


  • 4+ years Experience and proficient Knowledge with NodeJs and Angular.
  • Knowledge in JWT.
  • Experience with API creation.
  • Strong knowledge of SQL database.
  • Knowledge in database development.
  • Knowledge in Version control.
  • Creation of Unit Tests.