Data Analyst

Data Analyst

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  • Provide both database programming capabilities and analyze complex datasets
  • Provide analysis on all data related subjects, from identifying and extracting data, creating both relational and non-relational Data Marts, and drive database requirements
  • Be a hands-on programmer who will integrate multiple complex marketing, finance and e-business data sources into easily consumable visualizations and generate marketing insights.


  • 5 years Data Engineering experience - design, develop, deliver and maintain large-scale and well-documented robust “data marts” to drive data insights.
  • 5 years SQL experience - Extensive knowledge and vast experience with SQL Queries (various joins, correlated subqueries, knowledge of recursive queries).
  • 5 years Scripting experience in Linux Shell Scripting and Python. Scripting ability to understand and translate scripts written in legacy languages such as Perl.
  • 5 years of experience in building reports and visualization using Power BI and Power BI Premium. Experience maintaining and troubleshooting on-premise Data Gateway. Experience with DAX and ability to create appealing visualization for derived datasets
  • 3 years of experience working with multiple ERPs (E1, SAP, etc.) and SFDC as main CRM.
  • 3 years of extensive Data Modeling experience - Star schema, 3rd Normal form, partitions etc
  • Able to troubleshoot the data issues in dashboarding or reporting tools (Power BI, SFDC, Cognos, etc.) and suggest solutions.
  • Drives communication, strong communicator, shows initiative, works well with stakeholders.


  • Someone who has worked in Bio-science/Pharma industry